A ‘Star Wars’ Film That Should Be Re-watched Before Seeing ‘The Force Awakens’

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
A ‘Star Wars’ Film That Should Be Re-watched Before Seeing ‘The Force Awakens’
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We just can’t stop talking about the latest “Star Wars” film that got released. However, if you are not one of those die-hard fans of this franchise, there might be chances that you did not watch any of the 6 predecessors of the film since a long time. This may be the case as the first film of the franchise got released in 1977.

The last movie titled “Return of the Sith” was released about a decade ago. So, it may not be surprising if you have missed watching it.

But there is good news for you. You actually do not need to watch any of the earlier movies before you to watch “Star wars: The Force Awakens” by J.J. Abrams.

The latest “Star Wars” film does a great job of making things simple even for all those people who are least knowledgeable about the franchise.


However, in case you want to rally enjoy some of the jokes that were cracked in the Abram’s film- he does make use of several throwback references for the viewing pleasure of the avid fans- one film that is recommended over all others is “Episode IV: A New Hope”.

This was George Lucas’ first ever made film in the franchise. This “Star War” movie has introduced its viewers all those characters who you would see making their appearances in “The Force Awakens”.

According to Business Insider, the characters include Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

There are other similarities between these two films in terms of their cinematography and plot. For instances, there is this famous scene in a  bar in “A New Hope” that is recreated by Abrams in his own way in the latest “Star Wars” movie.

Alternatively, you can view the first “Star Wars” movie in this series if you want to start from the scratch.


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