Star Wars Force Awakens: Learn Who Finn and Rey Really Are With All New Character Bios

By Nilankur Dutta | 3 years ago
Star Wars Force Awakens: Learn Who Finn and Rey Really Are With All New Character Bios

New details of J.J. Abrams “Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens” have come to light from an unlikely source. This week’s “Force Friday” event unleashed a tidal wave to “Star Wars” toys and merch onto stores across the country, and with that tantalizing details about our new heroes in “Force Awakens.” Read on to find out more.

Halloween Costumes for Finn and Rey have been unveiled via Movie Web. They are accompanied with quite in-depth character histories for “Star Wars: Force Awakens.” Consider John Boyega’s Finn for example. His main job in the two trailers released so far seems to be running, panting, and cinematically removing his storm-trooper helmet. Turns out, there is more to him than that:

star wars finn

“Sometimes, heroes come from the unlikeliest of places. The Galactic Empire has been dead for decades, but evil never really dies. With villains rising to take the Empire’s place, heroes must rise to oppose them. After becoming stranded by himself in the deserts of Jakku, and meeting up with a girl named Rey, a Stormtrooper named Finn has joined the side of the Resistance. He began his adventure as a part of the New Order, but now he’s one of the few people that can stop them. With a new look, Finn is ready for a new mission. Since trading in his Stormtrooper armor for a new set of gear, Finn’s outfit might not be flashy, but it’s all that a hero needs to succeed.”

Whoa, the man is a total badass. Like a new Han Solo (and with Harrison Ford pushing seventy-five, we need one anyway). So what about Daisy Ridley’s Rey? Her bio is also really interesting and goes like:

star wars reyNilankur Dutta | Movie News Guide
“The mission to take down the First Order is underway! After invading the Starkiller Base, one member of the Resistance has split from her group and found herself in a massive room full of First Order soldiers. Completely surrounded by Stormtroopers with blasters and Knights of Ren with lightsabers, she seems to be totally outnumbered. Unfortunately for her enemies, though, they’ve made a big mistake: it’s not about the strength of the weapon, but the strength of the warrior that wields it.”

More and more likely that she is totally a Jedi, and might be the force that is awakening in the title of the movie.

We have a new description of General Hux’s Starkiller Base too. It seems to be poised to take over the Death Star as the most-gigantic-engine-of-destruction in the “Star Wars” universe.

“An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems.”

Well at least the bad guys have stopped building their death-machines in space, to be easily destroyed by the next kid with the Force exploiting the obvious design flaw. We can hope so, anyway.

“Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” will hit screens Dec. 16 this year.

There you have it for the latest news on “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.”Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates on your favorite celebrities, TV shows and movies.

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