‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Flies Again; Harrison Ford Takes $2.6 Million Helicopter For A Spin

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Flies Again; Harrison Ford Takes $2.6 Million Helicopter For A Spin

It has been three months since Han Solo aka Harrison Ford didn’t take the wheel or steer around doing his favorite hobby, which happens to be flying, but that didn’t keep the veteran actor away from his hobby. He was seen near an airfield where he was present to fly his helicopter again (with a co-pilot of course at his disposal).

According to Daily Mail, it has only been three months since Harrison Ford broke his pelvis, ankle along with several other parts and has already taken to flying. This time the aircraft of his choice was his $2.6 million helicopter, which is a green 2013 Bell 407 model. He was seen at the Santa Monica airport along with a co-pilot ready to fly. Just about a week back he was also spotted driving around in his Tesla looking absolutely hale and hearty.

The actor looked really glad and cheerful after he reached the airport because he was going to do what he loves the most after a considerable amount of time. The “Star Wars” actor was dressed in khaki trousers, yellow T-shirt, blue sneakers and a grey cap which makes quite a unique combination to wear. The actor also assured that he was not afraid of flying again in the skies and was looking forward to it.

The actor’s brave demeanour and attitude towards flying is quite commendable since it was just three months back that he crashed his World War II era plane on the Venice golf course. He had sustained injuries on his spinal chord, pelvis and ankle. Once he landed his helicopter back safely, he was met with a friend who welcomed him with open arms. Clearly it was a day well spent for the actor who is going to reprise his iconic role of Han Solo in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on December 18.

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Photo source: Facebook/Star Wars The Force Awakens

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