Star Wars Lightsabers: Why Red Is Significant to the Dark Side

By Edson Kyle Encina | 1 year ago
Star Wars Lightsabers: Why Red Is Significant to the Dark Side
Star Wars lightsabers Ahsoka

Star Wars lightsabers have always been a fascination to fans, but what makes the lightsaber’s color special?

A report by Slash Film gives insight on the origins of the Star Wars lightsaber and how it gets its color. Most hardcore Star Wars fans know that Kyber crystals provide the power of the lightsabers. And most of these natural crystals are under the possession of Jedi’s, who represent the good side of the force.

Since the Sith represent the dark side, they have no means of obtaining these natural crystals. In order for Sith members to wield lightsabers, they had to create synthetic crystals for their own lightsabers. And this led to most Star Wars fans to believe that this is how the dark side got it’s signature red-colored lightsabers.

But a new Star Wars novel Ahsoka written by E.K. Johnston gave more details behind the Star Wars lightsabers. The book focuses on Ahsoka Tano, a fan favorite character from Star Wars Rebels.

A detail in the book explained that the Kyber crystals have a connection to the force sensitive. This explains why Star Wars lightsabers choose their owners instead of the other way around. However, the Sith are on the dark side of the force and are unable to make this connection. So Sith members steal these Kyber crystals instead in order for them to be able to wield lightsabers. Members of the dark side could also resort to killing Jedi’s and obtaining these crystals from their defeated foes.

In order to use to crystals for their lightsabers, the Sith would need to bend the Kyber crystals to their will. This is because members of the dark side don’t share the similar connection the crystals that the Jedi possess. But bending the Kyber crystals would make it bleed and eventually turn the hue to red. This is how the Sith get their signature red lightsabers that strike fear to many. This is a cool tidbit that helps fans prepare for the big Star Wars Episode 8 movie.

The next big installment of the Star Wars franchise will hit theaters on December 15, 2017. So the next time you see Kylo Ren’s signature crossguard lightsaber, you now know how it got its color.

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