Star Wars News: Disney, Lucas Films Plan 12 More Movies; TV Series In The Works

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Star Wars News: Disney, Lucas Films Plan 12 More Movies; TV Series In The Works
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It probably comes as no surprise that Star Wars has plans for multiple films in an era of extended cinematic universes. But Disney CEO Bob Iger raised a few eyebrows after revealing that they are developing at least 12 films between now and 2030.

With Lucas Films under the wing of Disney, the last two films of the franchise broke the billion dollar mark. Possibly banking on the success of these two films, Walt Disney is now developing a number of films and TV series based on the George Lucas’ universe.

This new announcement by Iger pretty much falls in line with earlier statements that they plan to release one Star Wars film each year. Movie Web stated that with Episode 9 slated to be released in 2019, the future of the franchise is unknown.

That doesn’t mean that the franchise in dead, in fact, it’s far from it. The only problem for Disney is what to do next post-Episode 9.

There is enough material to create success spin-off after spin-off like Rogue One. This is due in part to hundreds of books, TV shows, and videogames based on the franchise over the years. The problem is not whether Disney can come up with an idea; instead, the problem lies with the continuity.

The Force Awakens was hugely successful in revitalizing the franchise with a new trio of heroes. However, with only three films in a trilogy, Iger is faced with a choice: continue the story or do as Lucas did and backtrack to create another prequel.

For the latter option, we all know what happened to the original prequels. Even today Darth Vader’s origin story still draw the ire of purist fans in Comic-cons and related events.

While the prequels were from a financial standpoint, it was essentially a character assassination directed at Vader who became who he is due to his mother and wife dying. On top of that, they revealed that he was just a whiny teenager who thinks the world revolves around him.

Disney needs to be careful to steer clear of that minefield. However, continuing the story also poses a dilemma primarily because of the cast.

The original cast of the films is already past their prime. We all grieved after the untimely death of Carrie Fisher just a few months ago. Should Disney opt to continue the story with the new cast, they have to tie up all loose ends within the span of two episodes.

This gives Episode 10, 11, and 12 a new slate to create a whole new story post-Episode 9. That way Disney can do whatever they want with the franchise even without consulting Lucas.

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Disney/Lucas Films Exploring Possible Storylines

Still, of course, the safest way would be to create spin-offs based on already existing materials and stories. The Clone Wars and the aftermath of the second Death Star’s destruction have been explored for quite a while after all.

The Clone Wars alone has some pretty interesting plots such as the different battles that took place. They could also explore the fates of the Jedi that survived Palpatine/ Darth Sidious’ purge of the order.

Such is the case with Star Wars: The Last Jedi as reported by Movieweb. The project will follow Obi-Wan post Revenge of the Sith and will feature three iconic planets: Tatooine, Mustafar, and Endor.

Lucas Films is also reportedly working on a spin-off featuring Bobba Fett and the bounty hunters. This is in addition to the Han Solo spin-off which is set for next year.

However, let’s not count on one Star Wars film being released each year. Familiarity breeds contempt and Disney will likely reconsider their statement or risk depreciating one of the film industry’s most valuable franchise.

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