Star wars prequel movie opened up in 3D once again for the fans

By admin | 7 years ago

Star Wars 3D

Maybe, this is the boost required or the film to finally do well. The audience or critics did not get an early taste of the movie since there were no planned previews to get a general feel of the response that can be expected when it releases in the theatres on Friday.

Star Wars fans were taken for a huge surprise when they learnt that the team of Startroopers made their way to watch the 3D installment of Star wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace in London. It was sheer joy as viewers at the Apollo Cinema in Piccadilly gardens found able supporters in the Stormtroopers team purchased tickets to the prequel movie from 1999 being shown again in 3D. Even Toma Din, the general manager of the theatre was surprised at the sudden arrival of the outer space team for the 3D film along with regular cinema goers. This was certainly a coalition of outer space members that no one could miss.

George Lucas decided to retire since he could not take any more barbs from the fans which might be the main reason for pulling the curtains on an illustrious career. A contributing factor in the decision is actually credited to the frustration on account of the movie Red Tails that he is working on.

IT really got the legend worked up when the executives from Hollywood did not show up to the movie screening. He wanted to retire to get away from all the negativity surrounded with the business.

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