Star Wars Reportedly Eyes Harry Styles For A Role In Upcoming Movie But There Is A Downside

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Star Wars Reportedly Eyes Harry Styles For A Role In Upcoming Movie But There Is A Downside
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One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is reportedly being eyed for a role in a future Star Wars film. The role is rumored to be none other than Harrison Ford’s character, the smuggler and Rebel Alliance general Han Solo.

With Disney allegedly planning to produce at least one movie every year, it is definitely a good time to be a fan of the franchise. However, this poses a dilemma because unless they plan to create a serial storyline they will need a ton of new actors to fill in the role.

Not that there’s a shortage of old and new actors with literally thousands trying their luck in Hollywood. Picking the right ones, however, is a different story.

To recreate the movie magic that made the franchise what it is today, new actors will have to have the same appeal as the original trio even more so if Disney considers creating prequel like Rogue One. Because let’s be honest if they don’t find the right actor, we don’t want to see another CGI Grand Moff Tarkin.

So what are the chances of Styles actually playing Han Solo? According to Comicbook, the search for an actor to play the role has apparently included a discussion regarding the One Direction member.

Styles and the rest of the band are currently pursuing individual projects after the group entered hiatus. So far, the 23-year old singer has only involved himself in music-related projects and has yet to go into acting.

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It Is Not About Acting, Harry Styles’ Popularity Is Good For The Franchise

But it is not Styles’ acting talent that has made him a candidate because he has yet to prove himself on-screen. According to CinemaBlend, the main reason is his sheer box office draw.

There’s no question that the singer is immensely popular and this is what the production committee is banking on, pun unintended. Acting skill comes second because the only thing that can make more money than a Star Wars film is one starring an international pop star.

However, this could be a double-edged sword for Disney and Lucasfilm. There’s no doubt that bringing in Styles will be a great opportunity for massive ticket sales. However, this could alienate long-time fans of the franchise.

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Featuring Harry Styles In The Han Solo Movie Has Its Downside

Sci-fi fans are one of the most purist people out there and casting the wrong actor would be considered sacrilege. This is exactly what happened in the prequels where the franchise’s most iconic villain was revealed to be a whiny teenager who wiped out the Jedi order due to some vague promise of power over death.

Even if Styles successfully brings in millions of new fans, Disney and Lucasfilm need to tread carefully as to not lose the millions of fans who are already on board with the franchise. Butchering Han Solo’s character would be a good way to kill the franchise, even more so than Jar Jar Binks.

The information is still unconfirmed by either Styles or Disney. Sources claim that Styles was ultimately dropped as his music career being taking much of his time. This meant that he would not have enough time to spend on set and in rehearsal which is absolutely necessary given his lack of experience.


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Still, this doesn’t mean that Styles starring in a Star Wars film is a dead prospect. Sooner or later the young pop star would try his hand at acting and a film in one of the most iconic franchises in Hollywood would be a nice place to debut.

Ultimately though Disney chose Beautiful Creatures and Hail, Caesar! actor Alden Ehrenreich for the role of Han Solo. And as if to quell further rumors, the company stated that Ehrenreich was their original choice to join Star Wars.

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