‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Screens in China

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Screens in China

Star Wars” is probably the most popular and the biggest franchise the world has seen. With story so extravagant and characters larger than life, it won’t come as a surprise if the latest instalment in the franchise creates another milestone. But before the latest instalment releases, the original trilogy of the movie will be screening in China where, unfortunately, the movie was never shown. Read on.

According to Yahoo! Movies, the trilogy for the very first time will be shown in the Shanghai International Film Festival. It will prove to be the first ever theatrical screening in the country. Kerwin Lo, Vice President and general manager of Walt Disney Studios China believes that this screening will prove to be a good boost for the upcoming chapter (not that the movie needs it) but making the movie familiar with audiences in China would be good.

The first instalment in the movie released in the United States in 1977 . It was followed by an international release but never really made it to China. Reasons for that are being hinted at the cultural revolution that took place in the country that barred the import of foreign culture. It was only in 1986 that major studios in Hollywood were able to strike a deal with China and somehow managed to distribute new films there. As a result of this, people are aware of the movies that were a part of the franchise in the 90’s. These prequels also witnessed a proper theatrical release. In some way or the other, the original movies too gathered attention towards it. This is probably not the best way to access movies, but people took to illegal ways and started downloading the movies.

Even though the trilogy won’t see a nationwide release because not everyone in China is crazy for “Star Wars.” The latest instalment in the franchise will stand up to its reputation and go on to create another milestone for the franchise.

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