Starbuck is Not a Coffee Movie

By admin | 6 years ago

StarbuckStarbuck is a French-Canadian comedy that has nothing to do with the coffee chain. It is directed and co-wrote by Ken Scott and stars Patrick Huard as David Wozniak, a man in his 40s who works for his father’s butcher shop in Montreal. He grows hydroponic weed in the hopes of earning enough money to settle his debt to a loan shark.

Then his long-time girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant and that she is already fed up with him and wants nothing to do with him. She tells him that her baby will not know its father because he is a loser. To make matters worse, he is visited by an attorney with regards to his scheme in the past when he made 600 deposits at a local sperm bank. His code name is Starbuck.

The lawyer said that the sperm bank made the mistake of using only his sperm over the course of twenty years. It means that David is the biological father of more than 500 kids. 140 of the children have filed requests to find the identity of their father.

David is told that he has the right to refuse but the attorney explains that a group of his offspring is filing a class action suit to force the sperm bank to reveal his identity. David says no and his friend, who is a lawyer, tells him that he can counter sue the sperm bank and collect money to pay off his debt.

The attorney gives him the specifics of his offspring. He discovers that one of them is one of the nation’s star soccer players. He looks at the identities of his other kids and tracks them down. He tries to be their friends without telling them his real identity.

Starbuck is funny and this is due to the straight talk between the characters. They don’t sugar coat their dialogues and this leads to some humorous stuff.

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