Starr Celebrates Birthday Number 72

By admin | 6 years ago

Ringo Starr the former Beatle celebrated his 72nd birthday on Saturday with fans in Nashville, Tennessee at a special event promoting peace. The star of the Beatles urged his devoted fans to celebrate his birthday by wishing the world love and peace, as the clock ticked noon everywhere around the world.

Starr has carried on the same tradition since 2008. He was joined at the Hard Rock Café in Nashville by fans for the annual salute. They treated him by singing their rendition of Happy Birthday, as well as singing Give Peace A Chance, by the late John Lennon. Starr was then treated to a birthday cake that did not have the 72 candles.

Joining him at the annual tradition were Joe Walsh, the guitarist from the Eagles who is married to Marjorie Bach, Starr’s wife Barbara’s sister and Vince Gill, the country music artist.

Walsh said Starr was now his brother in law so it was family business first. He said he has attended the last few Starr celebrations and he did not want to miss this year. Walsh said that having a love and peace moment would be beneficial to the whole planet.

Starr, while speaking of the event said it was starting to catch on little by little, the more they do it. He said they have blogs from China and Japan and other places across the globe that said they do the love and peach wish, so its seems to be working. Starr ended his birthday celebration by putting on a performance at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.


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