Stars Attend Dark Knight Premiere

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The final Batman movie from Christopher Nolan is set to open on Friday and people already saying that it will be a big hit. Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne/Batman, a recluse. Anne Hathaway plays Selina Kyle/Catwoman, a jewel thief with her own code of ethics. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a Gotham cop and Gary Oldman is Commissioner Gordon. Tom Hardy plays the villain of the movie Bane. Dark Knight Premiere

According to Morgan Freeman, the cast members were threatened to keep the plot points a secret. He described the ending to be a work of genius. Gordon-Levitt said that he was glad to help Christopher Nolan in keeping the story a secret.

There are no talks of coming back for a fourth installment. Gary Oldman said that this is the last one for the cast. He thinks that it is the last one for the director and might be involved in a story capacity when the studio wants to make more. He added that it is the right time to retire Jim Gordon. It is a way to redeem the character. He maintained that his sons still respect him for his role in the Call of Duty, where he was one of the voices in the game.

Christian Bale walked down the black carpet of the premiere and said that there are more stories that could be told. He added that it’s the right time to end the Christopher Nolan Batman series. He said that his life hasn’t changed much after playing the Caped Crusader. His rival in the movie Bane, played by Tom Hardy, is seen drinking water between interviews. He said he got to keep the mask he wore in the movie.

The last to walk down the black carpet of the movie premiere are the women. Marion Cotillard looked gorgeous in her Dior. She described her character as a good girl. She is rich and uses money for good things.

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