Stars in Shorts and the Manhattan Short

By admin | 6 years ago

Stars in Shorts and the Manhattan ShortThere are two events that you don’t want to miss if you love watching short movies. The first one is the Stars in Shorts and just like what the name suggests it features short films with name actors. This will be entertaining and the shorts are more polished.

You can see Jesse Tyler Ferguson bicker with Lily Tomlin in a car. Julia Stiles is seen in one of the two submissions that Neil Labute wrote. Actor Rupert Friend wrote and directed Steve, which has Colin Firth playing an unstable neighbor to Keira Knightley and Tom Mison.

The other is Manhattan Short, which features ten movies from ten countries competing for the viewers’ votes. Short films in the contest are meant to showcase unknown talents. Manhattan Short gives new talents the chance to shine and let them experience what it’s like to be part of a film festival.

You can tell that some of the filmmakers that are part of the competition seem to make it up as they progress through the shooting of the movie. The endings seem to be rushed, the characters are undecided, the climax isn’t reached or there’s no point to the whole thing.

One of the shorts is The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb, which is about a security guard who ended up being a slimy monster. It feels like a home video and when the monster tries to speak out, it sounds like an actor inside a costume.

Then there’s the Peruvian “Behind the Mirror” that is set in a seedy motel and the Iranian Two & Two. The latter is an eight minute long allegory about dictatorship and conformity. All the movies from the Manhattan Short look good but they are too raw and unfinished. The filmmakers in Manhattan Short appear in front of the camera to greet the audience and say thanks. It’s like they’re asking the audience to like their work.

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