Starz, BBC and Colin Callendar to Adapt ‘The Kills’ into a Series

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Starz, BBC and Colin Callendar to Adapt ‘The Kills’ into a Series
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Nowadays, literary works are being adapted into television shows or movies. This time, a unique book experience is coming to the small screen as Deadline reports that Starz, BBC and Colin Callendar are collaborating to adapt Richard House’s conspiracy thriller, “The Kills.” Read on to learn more about this story.

“The Kills”  usse the printed word, digital publishing and digital media. It was first published in 2013. In the United Kingdom, the book was released as four distinct, but interconnected, novels. While in the United States, the four novels were published in one volume. It was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2013.

Its website and digital edition is also a unique experience, as it contains digital media and content that supplement the novels from book trailers to digital content in the form of YouTube videos that help give the readers more insight into the characters.

The basic premise of the novel is that it talks about a man at the center of a massive manhunt, as he has stolen more than $50 million from an American reconstruction project in Iraq.

The first novel, “Sutler,” tells the story of a man on the run with two more additional problems — he has lost a lot of money, and his name is not Sutler. The second novel, “The Massive,” is a prequel and shows us why the main character in the first book ran. It chronicles the story of a man named Rem Gunnerson who finds a job in Iraq. He will be working with seven other to build a city, but this job will kill them.  The third novel, “The Kill,” tells the story of Mr. Wolf and Mr. Rabbit, who, inspired by a novel, abducts and kills an American student in Naples. This installment actually stands out among the four novels. Lastly, the fourth and last book, “The Hit,” continues from the events of the first novel and continues the manhunt. It features a man named Thomas Berens, who thinks that the man he has been hunting has been found in the desert and burned beyond recognition. In a singular twist, readers will learn that the third novel, “The Kill,” is a novel that the characters in the first installment are reading and that it is made into a film in the second novel. In the fourth novel, it is used by one of its characters.

This will all be adapted into a television series for Starz and BBC, and it will be produced by Colin Callendar and his company — Playground. However, they have not found a writer for the project yet.

Colin Callendar and Playground have produced various projects, such as “The Missing,” NBC’s “Dracula” and “Wolf Hall.”

And that’s all for now on the upcoming drama adaptation of Richard House’s “The Kills,” which will be a collaboration among Starz, BBC and Colin Callendar. For more news and updates on upcoming television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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