State of Affairs Season 1 Finale Recap: Deadcheck

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Finale Recap: Deadcheck
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State of Affairs” Season 1 managed to wrap up its first season with a major cliffhanger. Although news about its renewal hasn’t surfaced yet, with such cliffhanger there’s bound to be more to it, right? We’ll go through with that after my recap for you on what went down during the final moments of Episode 13 “Deadcheck.”

POTUS has ordered an airstrike. It means that this would kill Nick and that’s something that Charleston has been preventing since the Bellerephon. Receiving a call from Nick and getting a go-signal from him was enough for Charleston to back down. Also, with Kurt’s revelation that Fatah has been playing Charleston all these years is enough for her to get up and kill Fatah on her own especially now that Nick’s dead.

Charleston and the leader of Ar Rissalah had an encounter. He tried to justify all his actions, but Charleston was dead set on what she came there for. She wanted to kill and to finish their reign of terror so she shot him dead.

The CIA team has tracked down Ahmadi’s bomb vests, thanks to Charleston’s brilliance. She discovered that the Pegasus constellation will lead them to where the bomb vests were and she was right. Charleston also resigned as well as David, Payton’s chief of staff. It was because he never see eye to eye with the POTUS and he was kept in the dark with the Hakam/Fatah situation.

It’s not only that for the President because her husband, Marshall decided to leave her and go to the ranch to take some time off. He did it because he couldn’t handle anymore her presidency and it has made her become too much of a warrior. It was later on revealed that he secretly went to Senator Green’s funeral and was the one who snuck inside her house to get the photo of Charleston and Nick with Fatah.

There are two major cliffhangers this episode: who was the sniper helping Charleston out and who was the person in the car driving towards Charleston in the end?

Moving on to  the cliffhanger issue, since “State of Affairs” has been in fluctuation when it comes to its ratings and news about its renewal hasn’t come out yet.

“It’s a very dark, ominous cliffhanger ending in this finale. It certainly doesn’t wrap everything up. I felt that it was appropriate for the season to culminate in this way.” executive producer Joe Carnahan said.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

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