State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Here and Now

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Here and Now
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This whole time, Kurt has some major intel that has placed Charleston in an even trickier position. To make matters worse, they couldn’t do anything about the Hakam situation but to airstrike and that means Nick may die. And if it couldn’t get any worse than that, the photo of Nick and Charleston with Fatah has been leaked. Read below for the recap of “State of Affairs” Season 1, Episode 12 “Here and Now.”

The episode kicked off with a flashback three years ago in wherein Charleston and Nick were both in Afghanistan. They went on a hike and this is when we learned that Nick’s main goal in Afghanistan was to cut the money supply to Hakam. The plan has changed and he made Charleston a constant in his life since then.

Switched back to the present day, Charleston and her team are all planning now that they have found where Nick, Fatah, and Hakam were. However, there’s a typhoon hitting the area where they were. It will make their operation tricky and riskier than ever. Charleston got a call from Nick telling her that they need to get the mission done right away. It was because Hakam will be leaving that very same night.

Their ground operation was getting riskier as the typhoon worsens. Earl suggested that they just simply drop a bomb there. It was the right thing to do or the best thing to do right at that very moment. Since Charleston’s boyfriend is down there, they weren’t allowed to agree. Charleston only said that they need to have proofs that these people died, they couldn’t just bomb it.

Meanwhile, Kurt was in a lab at the Krieg Group. Gantry wants him to use his personal contacts to get intel on the mission or he’ll die. So, who else will he call? Maureen of course, but Maureen didn’t take his call.

Senator Burke found the picture of Charleston and Nick with Fatah. Then, he called someone saying that he has something on hand that will make headlines. POTUS called up Jack to tell him to find a way amidst the typhoon. Jack suggested that they could do it through airstrike. Of course, Charleston countered his suggestion and brought it up to Payton and even called off the mission.

Surprisingly, it was also the night of the Correspondents Dinner and this is when Burke plans to reveal the photo that he saw. In fact, he already gave the photo to Jules and Jules and his people are now putting together a story. Banks picked up on this right away and gave a snide remark to Burke that he ignored. Things took a sudden turn because POTUS called the mission on again via airstrike. Charleston protested, but POTUS was determined to push through with it. They shouldn’t call off the mission just because of one person.

Charleston called Jack to save Nick.  Jack said that it’s impossible and even told her that this is what they do. Now that the mission was on again, their targets disappeared. They used the tunnels to escape. Nick managed to call Charleston while in the tunnel and told her to go through with the mission. Oh, and the photo of Charleston and Nick with Fatah was live online.

Meanwhile, Kurt wasn’t able to contact Maureen. He decided to break into Navarro’s house to get some classified filed but then he got cornered by Syd. They took him to an empty house where Charleston came in surprisingly. Charleston planned this all along because she knows TKG had a spy on Bellerophon and she thinks it is Kurt. Kurt said that he’s innocent. He told her that it was Navarro who told him to go undercover to infiltrate TKG. It was also the reason why he was in Navarro’s home to get proof because no one believes him anymore. Oh and Kurt’s not yet done with his revelations. He dropped a bomb when he told Charleston that all along he thought TKG was tracking Bellerophon to put the CIA to shame only to realize that they were protecting Fatah instead. All along they thought Fatah was No. 2 when he is really No. 1. It was also revealed  that Hakam is just a myth and Fatah has been playing Charleston the whole time.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

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