State of Affairs Premiere Recap: Pilot

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Premiere Recap: Pilot
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In the ilot episode of “State of Affairs,” the viewers were introduced with Katherine Heigl’s character as a CIA analyst named Charleston Tucker. She’s responsible for briefing President Constance Payton every day on the top security threats. It means that she deals with a lot of briefers as well before she takes the full analysis to the president. Aside from that, the president’s son was also her fiancé who died in a terrorist attack in Kabul.

We saw her getting drunk and sleeping around with different men almost every night. Charleston also sees a shrink regular to cope with the death of her fiancé as well as the trauma brought by the attack that she has witnessed. Her shrink reminded her that what she’s doing to cope isn’t really helping, but it can only make matters worse for her. However, it looks like Charleston is still set to do her own coping ways before she realizes it.

In the office, they got a video from Al Jazeera in Kenya. It showed that an American doctor was abducted and was given only a few hours to live. It made Charleston decide to make him a top priority. Lucas, the newbie in the office, was taken by Charleston to the CIA director, Skinner. Skinner wants the president to meet General Abu Sayeed Khan, the Syrian intelligence chief, who’s in town. Charlie immediately told him about her concerns, especially that rumors are going around that Sayeed Khan has a connection with Omar Abdul Fatah who’s responsible for the death of her fiancé. However, Skinner countered that he’s doing this because he wants Sayeed Khan to be one of their men because he thinks that they could make use of him.

Meanwhile, the abductor demanded that they release 25 of their men and even killed a British doctor. They did this to prove that they’re serious, and they’re going to do the same to the American doctor if they don’t give in to their demands. They got news from Africa revealing the location of Omar Abdul Fatah. Of course, Charleston has a man in Africa. He said that they have a 50 percent chance of getting to Fatah, but Charlie wanted more of that and told him to call her when they reach that point.

Charleston then received a number of text messages from an anonymous person threatening her. She then called up the office to track the number, but no one can trace it. And we saw Lucas looking very suspicious. After a while, she got a call from Jack from Africa informing her that they’re almost on Fatah, but then she said that he has been retasked.

All along with the intel on Fatah, Charleston didn’t tell anyone that there’s a lead. The Chief of Staff got so mad at her when he found out that Charleston knew about this. She got suspended and to be detained. The good thing was she got a plan B ready and made someone in the office give her the documents on the doctor. She also asked an old friend to detain Khan and make sure that he and Skinner doesn’t get together again and his old friend found the hidden cell phone sewn in Khan’s hat.

When Charlie got to the White House, she saw Skinner explaining to all the briefers what she did, and this was her cue to explain herself. She told them that she didn’t tell them because the intel wasn’t reliable enough. Then she got a text that Khan was sending information. Skinner found out that Khan has been detained. This made him look like a fool in front of everyone, and we saw Lucas wink at Charleston. 

They were able to rescue the American doctor. Later on, they acknowledged the attack after a year where the President gave a speech. She and Charleston took a walk talking about vengeance, and the president was very supportive of Charleston’s plan to avenge the death of her son.

When Charleston got home, we found Nick and the two of them were only the two people who knew about Fatah. We also learned that Charleston was Fatah’s asset before.

The episode ended with a flashback from Charleston’s memory from the death of her fiancé. She was trying to rescue him, but then we saw Aaron pointing a gun at her instead. 

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