State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Bang, Bang

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Bang, Bang
January 7, 2008 – 27 Dresses Premiere in Westwood. Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

Things are starting to get really better for “State of Affairs” and in Episode 4 “Bang, Bang” the real killer of Aaron has been revealed… or not? Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a smallpox situation in Colon, Panama. It is where there are plenty of American aid workers sent by the World Health Organization to give out malaria vaccines to sick people in a slum hospital However, the hospital got robbed and an earthquake struck, which caused the vials from a metal cabinet down below to break. Oops.

Meanwhile, Charleston got another flashback from the time when she rode the Midnight City. She came to Fatah after being beaten so bad by Nick to get information. Charleston spoke to him in Arabic and told him that she wants to kill people as well. Well, that was shocking.

Her flashback was interrupted when she got a text of an image of a black handgun with the words “Bang, Bang” (hence the episode title). Of course, her next move was to head over to Nick’s place. She was surprised when she got there when Nick told her that he also got the same text. This confirmed their suspicion that both of them are the targets.

It’s time for work: Charleston got news that Sheikh Hakam is hanging out with some terrorists in Manila. If that’s not news enough and then Mo informed her about the smallpox issue. In the president’s office, while waiting for the daily briefing, Senator Kyle Green paid them a visit. We found out that he was one of the people who commission an investigation into the attack in Kabul that killed the president’s son. He informed the president that there’s something in the report that the president wouldn’t be happy about. Then Charleston and Navarro briefed the president with the little outbreak of smallpox in Panama.

Charleston was on a mission: the vials must be recovered and who’s the best person to call? Jack Dawkins. She told Dawkins about what needs to be done in Panama. She also told him that no one should know about it.

Meanwhile, Nick found a guy who turns out to be one of the guards on Midnight city. He asked him why he’s taking photos of people on a boat and of course he said that it was all for the money. He told Nick that he sold the photos to the Creig Group, which is bad news.

As for Charleston, she met someone at the parking lot who was a friend of Syd. She installed an infiltration program on Charlie’s phone. It will allow her to access the external mic of the person who’s been sending her the creepy text messages. Then Nick showed up to inform him about the Creig Group with the photos.

In Panama, Jack Dawkins was able to retrieve the vials. Being the good man that he is he decided to bring back the vaccines himself, but someone got Jack. And the president ordered Charleston to get him out of there.

Nick confronted Jack and it turns out that both of them worked for the Creig Group. Syd told him that he’s going to protect Charleston until he dies. This is a mystery as to why he’s too attached to her.

Charlie found out that the person who’s sending him the text messages is also inside the White House. Then on her way home Nick jumped in her car. Both of them got into a hot and heavy make-out session until Nick got dragged out of the car. All along during their making out session, Syd was calling her and sending her text messages but only after when Nick was captured did she have the chance to read it and it says: “The bullet that killed Aaron came from a CIA-registered weapon. I know for a fact that the gun belonged to Nick Vera.”

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

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