State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Bellerophon

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Bellerophon
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After the cliffhanger, “State of Affairs” Season 1 left us before it went on its winter break. It’s now back for Episode 7 “Bellerophon.” This episode may not be that action-packed and full of mysteries to be solved, but it’s something that was clearly focused on two things. It’s like a breath of fresh air after being so caught up in the previous episodes where there were texts to be unraveled, deaths of different characters who are somehow related to different mysteries, etc. Read on for the full recap.

So the first mystery of this episode is the Ar Rissalah symbol that is flying around social media websites all over the United States. This causes alarm for the White House, especially when a kid got inside the oval office. He captured a photo of Lincoln and posted it before he the guards caught him. He left a threat “You’re all going to die,” the kid said to the guards.

Meanwhile, there’s Charleston after her chemical interrogation who went to President Payton to reveal what she just unraveled in her own memories and Fatah being her asset. This angered the president and got her kicked out of the plan. Then we had Nick who was finally freed but found himself in a hotel room with Charleston. It turns out that both are in Yemen and in the same hotel room.

Back in the White House, Navarro informed the seventh-floor people about the Ar Rissalah graffiti that’s hitting social media networks. Their goal and number one priority was this. Kurt told Navarro that Charleston would be really helpful in this case, but of course, Charleston was out in Yemen. Navarro was determined to show them that he could solve this on his own. Ego, people, ego.

Lucas, the kid who got inside the White House, was being interrogated. They found out that he has a history of mental problems. He had been taking a class called “Violent Non-State Actors in World Politics” taught by Ahmad Ahmadi. The CIA has long been looking for a reason to take Ahmadi in and now they finally got it.

Back in Charleston and Nick’s hotel room, Charleston was determined to make contact with Fatah. She devised a plan to go to Sana’s where Charleston thinks Fatah will make contact at. There was quite a mishap here. Both managed to get in town, but they didn’t find Fatah there.

People in the US is now after Al Moosari whom they think is responsible for what’s happening, and Kirt came up with a plan. He needed to find a lead on Moosar’s transplant and got a call center to pretend that they are from the World Health Organization. He wanted to call each and every person in Egypt to get their medical records and pharmaceutical deliveries to get his lead. It turned out successfully, but they also found out that Ahmadi was clean. Lucas the kid killed himself inside his cell and the Ar Rissalah symbol has reached an even wider social media audience. Things were really getting out of hand!

Charleston had a backup plan, though, which was pretty genius by the way. She got an ad in the newspaper that would lure Fatah in, and yes, it worked. She then called Payton to call off the attack. Fatah wanted Moosari to be the point person, which meant that they couldn’t kill him. Finally, Payton saw the bigger picture and told her men to let off Moosari.

Navarro told the briefers that they are now going to help Charleston in her search for Fatah and Sheikh Hakam. This task would be called Bellerephon (hence the episode title), and no one should know about this task. Charleston asked Nick to talk to Navarro to explain to him why he need stop be the one to meet Moosari and Navarro agreed. Charleston had a theory, though, which he told Nick — it might be Navarro who sent him to Yemen.

Before the episode ended, we saw Nick arriving at the compound, taking a punch across the face by Moosari and then had a bag over his head.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

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