State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Ghosts

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Ghosts
January 7, 2008 – 27 Dresses Premiere in Westwood. Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

State of Affairs” has to pick it up or else it might just get cancelled and I’m really loving Katherine Heigl back on the small screen. So, be the judge as we give you the recap of the latest episode, “Ghosts.”

So finally, we saw Jack Dawkins who’s, of course, being held the captive. His captors were urging him to admit that he’s from the CIA, but of course, our hero didn’t budge. He’s not going to admit that he’s from the CIA, but instead he told them that he came there to deliver smallpox vaccines. That night, there was a shootout outside his cell. There were strangers who were out to get him because he’s going to make them a lot of money simply because he’s American.

They got him, and he managed to keep up his act by pretending to Spanish. Thankfully, he’s fluent in Spanish and even fooled the guys that he was with until he escaped.

Meanwhile, Charleston was back in DC. The White House still battles the Ar Rissalah symbol that is now popping out everywhere. To make matters worse, Chief of Staff David Patrick got a call that a bag was left in at the Washington Monument with the Ar Rissalah symbol. President Payton wanted an informed opinion on what this could mean. Of course, Maureen and David couldn’t give her the right answer, only Charleston can.

So in order to capture who’s behind the symbol, they hatched a new plan. They needed to look for “mistake photos,” where the photographer has caught his or her own reflection or whatever, and they’re going to take it from there. This meant a lot of work, but with Kurt’s skills behind it, it’s possible.

No one has found Jack Dawkins yet, but again, thank the heavens Charleston was back at work. She managed to create a plan that would help them locate Jack. She said that they track the radio transmissions instead, and it worked. They were able to track him down, and they sent the SEAL team in. David was overjoyed and shared the news right away to the President. Payton was happy to know about this because she can finally rub that in Senator Kyle Green’s face.

And then they found another backpack at Hoover Dam with the symbol once again that contains sophisticated bomb chemicals in it.

When the SEAL came to the location where Jack was located, they were devastated not to find them there. It turned out that someone got to Jack first, and he’s on his way to Virginia. Charleston got to him right away because she knows that Senator Green is behind it. The man who was accompanying jack out of the plan was Mr. Victor Gantry, who’s clearly from the Krieg Group. So don’t worry because Charleston got Jack.

And then we saw Marshall going to Senator Green’s house who’s actually expecting him. We saw a picture of Charleston, Nick and Fatah together in Midnight City, which was also the very same photo that the Krieg Group has. Then there was David who’s with a woman who’s been giving him intel regarding Green and who seemed to be expecting for more aside from dinner and sex?

By the end of this episode, Charleston got her job back. She filled Payton in on her new discoveries regarding the Krieg Group. The seventh floor team found a sorority girl named Stacy Dover who’s been studying Middle Eastern culture in her dorm room and wants to make a difference. It seemed like college kids have an agenda.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

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