State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Half the Sky

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Half the Sky
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Things were looking up for “State of Affairs” in Episode 3 “Half the Sky.” Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a flashback five years ago when Charlie and Nick first met. They met when Charlie boarded Midnight City, where Fatah was being held. We saw Charlie as a different woman back then — she didn't look that confident like she is now, and we saw how she’s uncomfortable with the way things operate in the Midnight City, especially with Nick’s idea of torture.

When she got on board, she was immediately taken to the interrogation room where Nick was. We also saw a different Nick that time — more vicious and merciless. Nick was interrogating-slash-torturing Fatah, and Charlie lost her cool when he dumped gasoline all over his head. This made Charlie interrupt the whole thing, which angered Nick and threatened her not to do that again. After a few retorts, Charlie was sent outside the interrogation room to watch through the monitor while Nick continued torture.

Back in the present day, Charlie was getting ready to brief the president, but prior to that, she stopped by the local coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee and flirted a little with a barista who invited her to visit him at the bar that night. She bumped into Nick, and she managed to get his phone. When she got to the office, she downloaded all the date from his phone.

It’s briefing time, and today’s book was all about preparing the President for her meeting with President Chu of China. Kury told her that Ray Navarro, the new CIA director, will be the one to do the briefing. This surprised Charlie. However, before they could fully concentrate on the current briefing, they received news that a group of soccer girls were captured in Nigeria by the militant Islamist grou,p Boko Haram, and they wanted ransom for the girls.

Still, they had to brief the president. When Ray was done, the president asked Ray and David to leave while Charlie was left behind to finish it up. This pissed off Ray, especially when Charlie gave a snide remark towards them before they leave. Charlie told the president about the kidnapping in Nigeria, but the president has no power to send troops to save the girls. The Nigerian government was also too scared to face Boko Haram. Charlie said that they are tracking the location of the girls.

When Charlie left the office, she found Ray waiting for her. She apologized to him, and he accepted it. Charlie told him about the girls in Nigeria and the president’s permission to send out a team to search for the girls — he didn’t buy that it was from the president herself. He knew that Charlie has influenced the president to do it, taking into consideration that they are very close, and Ray felt like Charlie’s using this to her advantage.

Payton’s husband came to her office to tell her about his trip to Camp David, but Payton was the least bit interested on his visit that she interrupted him by asking him why he asked confidential papers on the convoy attack. We know that he’s still not over with the death of his son, and he's desperate to get to the bottom of it.

Back at the office, Charlie was looking at photos of girls that were last captured by Boko Haram, and it didn’t end well because they were all killed. With this information, she was left with no choice but to ask for Nick’s help in exchange for a favor. She asked Nick to find any kind of private outfits in Africa that might be able to rescue the girls.

In Camp David, Payton was feeling frustrated because she can’t do anything with what’s happening in Nigeria because President Chu will not take this very well. Charlie told her about sending a private outfit, but she stopped her. Their plan B was to form a leverage to make China be okay with the rescue, so they targeted their oil interests in the region. Nick got a private outfit called Controlled Outcomes.

Once Charlie got the news, she called Payton right away who was with President Chu. Payton took matters into her own hands by swaying the president of China, and in the end, he agreed. They were able to rescue the girls, and to make things even better for Charlie, she got a call from Syd who told her that Nick wasn’t the one who was sending him the anonymous text messages. The episode wrapped up with Nick holding out his gun when someone knocked on his door.

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