State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Masquerade

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: Masquerade
January 7, 2008 – 27 Dresses Premiere in Westwood. Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net

The US President, Charleston, Maureen and David travelled to Qatar to talk about the US’ use of Qatari military bases. However, Payton’s trust in Charleston was slowly diminishing because she realized that she hasn’t been totally honest with her, and of course, this rift was making David happy.

As their group was approaching the embassy, Rayst Kamal sped through them in a motorcycle. But before he could actually go down, his motorcycle was shot by the guards, which set it on fire and in turn Rayst received some burns. While trashing on the ground, he yelled that he works for the CIA, which came as a shocker for everyone there.

Meanwhile in Langley, the briefers are working on tracking down Moosari. Since Charleston isn’t around, Lucas was put in charge, and this annoyed Kurt even more. We also caught a glimpse of Nick who’s being interrogated and tortured, but he didn’t budge and still wouldn’t provide the information that they need.

The meeting between the US President and Qatar’s Prime Minister didn’t go well, and the prime minister even gave the US president an ultimatum that they hand over Rayst, or she could forget about the military base deal.

Charleston and Maureen interrogated Rayst, and they found out that he works for Ben. Ben asked him to steal evidence from his employer but to keep it in hiding. Rayst left the evidence with his brother.

Back in DC, Kurt got a call from a mysterious woman who claimed to have found a way into a very valuable communication. She specifically looked for Charleston, but since she was out of the country Kurt was the one who was left to handle it. It turned out that this mysterious woman was Syd’s techie friend, Melissa Anchez. She has managed to retrieve date on the groups that the CIA have failed to capture and Melissa also expects to be paid a huge amount of money for what she’s done for the CIA. Lucas and Kurt, after some bickering finally decided to work together and set their differences aside so they can track shipments of Bullwinkle’s post-surgery medication.

In Qatar, Charleston told Payton about Rayst, and Payton told her to hand over Rayst. However, once again, Charleston stopped it because they need to verify information first. This didn’t make Payton happy while Charleston was determined not to let the president down this time. She went with Rayst to the mall where his brother works to retrieve the evidence, and they were able to cause a diversion, so they can easily slip through. They managed to get the evidence, but before they can return, they met Ben and Charleston shot him.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the evidence that they acquired was a fake. Once again, Charleston has let the president down. There was also a scene when the president asked Charleston about what really happened the night Aaron died, but Charleston couldn’t remember anything. Payton didn’t believe her.

Charleston took drugs to help her remember information that night Aaron died, and Maureen interrogated her. We were taken down memory lane again and saw that Fatah was the one who pulled Charleston from the wreckage, but Aaron saw him do this. He pointed a gun at Fatah, while Fatah got Charleston’s gun and shot Aaron. Moreover, that night, Fatah killed a terrorist who tried to kill Charleston. Realizing all of these, Charleston was confident that Fatah remains her asset.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Lukeford.Net


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