State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: The Faithful

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: The Faithful
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Nick and Fatah are closer to Sheikh while the POTUS is set to deliver a speech in front of the whole media and Charleston remains busy on the Ar Rissalah case. If you missed “State of Affairs” season 1, Episode 11 “The Faithful,” you can read the full recap below.

The 7 Ar Rissalah members were all loaded in to be transported to a different facility. While they were being loaded, they were chanting the AR mantra and they all cut off their thumbs to free themselves off their cuffs. The bus exploded killing six while the 7th member managed to escape.

Meanwhile, Charleston gave POTUS an update on their Philippines operation: Nick is with Fatah and they are about to meet the Sheikh. Once they get there, Jack Dawkins will interfere to execute the Sheik and Fatah. Payton asked Charleston if she heard from Nick already and Charleston answered no. The POTUS then told her that if within 24 hours she didn’t hear from Nick, they are going for a different plan. Charleston hesitated at first but Payton said that she set aside her feelings for Nick and stuck to the goal.

Back at the CIA, Charleston learned about the bus explosion and the member who managed to escape. She asked Lucas to come with her to go to the site together with the FBI. David went to see Jules, who said that he knew of an operation happening in the Philippines. However, David doesn’t want him to cover the Philippines story and Jules negotiated that he makes a way for him to be granted an interview with the POTUS about everything except for what’s happening in the Philippines. David hesitated at first but then relents when Jules mentioned that the interview could help the POTUS.

In the Philippines, Nick and Fatah were taken to a camp. Nick managed to call Charleston to update him on what’s happening, and the Sheikh looked at Nick and just passed him by.

David went to Payton regarding the interview and told her that it’s not something that he likes but it’s a great idea to cover up what’s happening in the Philippines and the Ar Rissalah 7. Payton wasn’t up for it at first, but David managed to convince her. The two got into a heated argument before the interview when David brought up the POTUS’ personal issues and he was sent out by Payton. Charleston got a lead on the survivor of the bus explosion, Kenneth Travers. They learned that he came from a certain foster family, and they visited the family to ask about Kenneth. His parents were really nice and the mom admitted that he got a call from Kenneth, and Charleston found out that the call was made near a cell site. With the lead at hand, Charleston and Lucas were able to find Kenneth in the woods and Charleston shot him to prevent him from running. Kenneth told her that there’s going to be another attack but he doesn’t know when and where. Charleston got a call from Lucas saying that Ahmadi killed himself.

Just when POTUS is about to do the interview, Charleston called her to let her know that the Bellerephon is on the go right now. However, the interview was postponed to give way to the 7:00 news. They turn on their TVs to see what happens with the operation.

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