State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: The War at Home

By April Lara | 3 years ago
State of Affairs Season 1 Recap: The War at Home
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State of Affairs” Season 1 is definitely picking up its pace with Episode 10 “The War at Home,” which blended well with how the previous episode ended. Read below for the full recap.

With what went down last episode, President Payton is now under attack and the media as well as the people was in a frenzy. Payton reassured them but was only taunted more by the people. Chief of Staff David Patrick told the president that the people thinks that she’s using the CIA as her personal guard. He suggested that they let them look into any improprieties. Payton thinks that this is actually a good idea.

Meanwhile, Charleston was interrogating 7 Ar Rissalah recruits. None of them wouldn’t budge and leave it up to Charleston. That’s when she gets her light bulb moment. She asked Dash search for the missing link and start with how they first made contact with the group.

Nick and Fatah were in the Philippines. They were confronted by uniformed men and then a shootout happened. They were left with only one of their guides. They got surrounded again by snipers who were Filipino marines and they assumed that it’s the CIA. Nick denied this. It was because he really doesn’t have any idea. The guide told him to kill whoever if following them before they take them to Sheikh Hakam.

Back at the White House, Payton called for a meeting with Burke, the Senate majority Leader, to ask about the internal investigation plan. He’s all for it and even convinced the Payton to make it a congressional investigation with subpoena power.

Dash was able to get to the bottom of it. All the information they need was being held on a private server owned by Professor Ahmad Ahmadi. So Charleston was left with no choice but to persuade the reluctant professor who in the end, relents.

Payton visited Senator Kyle Green’s funeral. She had some drama with the husband before she was let inside. We learned that Payton used to be good friends with Senator Kyle but obviously, that friendship was ruined especially when politics got in the way. But there’s more to it than politics, though. The episode title became even more fathomable when we learned that Payton’s falling out with Senator Kyle. It was because Marshall slept with her.

Charleston had a run in with Burke. He was mocking her and was completely thrilled that he has now the authority to investigate the CIA. It was until Matthew Lillard saved the day. She then got a call from Nick who asked her if she sent some CIA people but Charleston said no.

Charleston has gotten a lead on where the bombs were. Then, they sent a bomb technician in to diffuse the bombs because the robot that they sent couldn’t do it. The technician was able to diffuse the first bomb. When he was about to diffuse the second bomb the whole house exploded. Charleston reported to Payton that they managed to get everything. Payton then ordered the Ar Rissalah 7 to be released to a transparent federal facility.

The episode closed with Ahmadi receiving a thank you note from Payton. He smiled and grabbed a key to a secret room that stores a number of detonation vests. Well, he’s not a good guy after all.

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