Amy Adams’ Steamy Kiss with Jennifer Lawrence was AMY’S IDEA?!

By admin | 4 years ago

American Hustle has already been jotted down for a 7th Golden Globe nomination and it seems disappointing that there isn’t a category of a Best Steamy Kiss as that too surely would have gone to the David O Russell flick, American Hustle.

During a talk with Amy Adams, she spoke about her kiss with Jennifer Lawrence and the reason as to why she thought it would be appropriate. The actress stated that her character was ‘really strong’ and JLaw’s character was ‘kind of crazy’ and said that why would her character let JLaw leave? Which led them to the very hot and steamy kiss.

“I really want to tell her something and I thought, ‘What’s the craziest thing she could have done to me?'” she recalled. “I thought she should kiss me.”

Amy, who portrays Sydney Prosser in the movie also added that Ms. Lawrence was happy for the kiss to go ahead.

“Jen was open. She’s open to anything.”

Both actresses afterwards complimented each other for the kiss they shared together.

Source: Entertainmentwise

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