Stephen Amell Hopes For More Comic Book Accurate Oliver Queen In Arrow Season 6

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Stephen Amell Hopes For More Comic Book Accurate Oliver Queen In Arrow Season 6
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Here is one good news for long-time fans of DC Comics. Stephen Amell has stated that he wants his character, Oliver Queen, become more socially-conscious just like his comic book counterpart in Arrow Season 6 on The CW.

Becoming A Better Hero

Oliver Queen’s journey to become a hero to his home city has been long, but he is almost exactly what he needs to be in Arrow. According to Amell, the events of Season 5 should push Oliver Queen to be a better Green Arrow.

“I’ve said that it’s very, very important that if Oliver doesn’t take away lessons from Season 5 and doesn’t keep doing the things that have led to this catastrophic event, the character stops being interesting to me,” he explained in the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Portland (via “So I hope that part of that, in Season 6 and if we have seasons beyond that, I hope that part of that is we get back to a lot of the tenets that people recognize from the comics. And that, of course, is humor and a socially conscious, slightly liberal superhero.”

Amell added that the comic book version of the vigilante has a lot of interesting and unique qualities that he hopes to be explored in the television series.

Oliver went through a lot since coming to Starling City, but the past season he lost his family and friends. The fifth season finale saw Prometheus rig the island of Lian Yu with explosives, trapping his team inside his former home. Oliver watches helplessly as the fire threatens the lives of everyone he cares about.

Unfortunately, Amell did not reveal the fate of his team in Arrow Season 6. Fans have to wait a couple of months in order to find out what will happen to their beloved characters.

However, Amell’s desire to make Oliver Queen a little more accurate to the comic books is quite exciting. One of the gripes of fans with the television series is it veered away from the Green Arrow that comic book readers have loved for years. Considering the bad reviews of the previous season, a more accurate adaptation of the comics might not be such a bad idea.

A more socially-conscious Oliver is definitely needed now more than every especially after Prometheus’ campaign for violence and destruction in Starling City. However, the Green Arrow also still has another battle to face in the villain known simply as Vigilante.

Oliver – William Bonding

Meanwhile,  in the same fan convention, Amell did talk about one of the plot points in Arrow Season 6. While the most shocking event in the finale earlier this year is the stand-off between Prometheus and Green Arrow, the previous season also saw William, Oliver’s son, get exposed to his father’s secret identity.

According to the actor, there will be more scenes between Oliver and William. However, William’s knowledge of his father’s vigilante activities will be something that will also be explored in the upcoming season.

“I’m excited that not only are they going to learn about having the father/son relationship, I think we’re going to explore that in Season 6,” he explained, “but [William] also knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow. So there’s a lot of interesting layers and dynamics.”

Amell also said that the time he spends with William will have a massive effect on Oliver. The actor explained that now that he is a father, the hero of Starling City will strive to become a better person on order to set a good example for William.

Arrow has been renewed for Season 6. The upcoming season will premiere on Oct. 12, Thursday, at 8/9c on The CW.

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