Stephen Colbert Interviewed A Baffled Eminem On Michigan Public Access TV Show

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Stephen Colbert Interviewed A Baffled Eminem On Michigan Public Access TV Show
Eminem – Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, who takes over David Letterman’s “Late Night” show, interviewed and confused American rapper Eminem on Michigan Public Access TV’s “Only in Monroe” show. Read for more details.

According to People Magazine, the 51-year-old host, who takes over Letterman’s popular comedy/talk-show, recently headed a local 40-minute talk show for a “little practice.” Colbert hosted the talk show “Only in Monroe” in Michigan public access TV. He interviewed the 44-year-old American rapper Eminem during the show.

“Let’s talk about your career. What kind of rap do you do?” Colbert asked Eminem, in an attempt to know whether the Michigan native prefers to be street rapper or sing-song rapper.

The baffled and confused Eminem answered that he is“middle.”

Colbert then asked whether Eminem’s hoodie is his “money maker,” after a few awkward and uncomfortable questions.

When Eminem removed his hoodie in response to Colbert’s question, “You have such a cute face, why hide it?” Colbert commented “My mistake.”

After that, Colbert started asking a more embarrassing question of whether this is a career or a hobby, Eminem answered, “It’s both.”

Colbert said that everyone needs a fallback career such as carpentry or HVAC, and asked whether the rapper has any fallback position. The host then started teaching Eminem that he has to buckle down if he is planning to have a family even though rapping is a fun.

“I am so confused right now. I’m trying to figure out if you’re serious or …,” Eminem said, who is already a father of three.

When Colbert said he was serious, the baffled Eminem said that he has given quite a few albums.

Actually, Eminem thought of promoting “Southpaw,” his upcoming 2015 American sports drama thriller movie, which is to be released in July 31, during the interview. The rapper, who has 15 Grammy awards to his credit, and who has won this year’s Grammy for best rap album for “The Marshall Mathers LP2,” was very confused by Stephen Colbert’s brand of satire.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Eminem

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