Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Stays at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Stays at New York’s Ed Sullivan Theatre
Stephen Colbert in New York City at Border’s signing copies for his book I Am America (And So Can You!)

CBS has made it official. Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” will stay in Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York. Read on for further details.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert will remain in New York and continue its broadcast in Ed Sullivan Theatre. The announcement was made earlier by CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“Today, I am pleased to announce that the Late Show will stay in New York, where it belongs,” said Cuomo. New York has long been an international entertainment leader, and with this commitment from CBS we are beginning the next chapter in that proud history. The television and film industries are thriving in the Empire State,” announced Moonves as published in The Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier, David Letterman has chosen Colbert as his successor, and he is scheduled to take over effectively as soon as Letterman decides to step down from the program. In his statement, Letterman signaled his support for CBS’ choice, saying how Colbert had always been a real friend to him.

“I’m very excited for him, and I’m flattered that CBS chose him.  I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses,” said Letterman The Hollywood Reporter article. Colbert has signed a five-year contract with CBS.

Colbert is known for hosting Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” a satirical faux news show where he portrays a caricatured version of himself.  The show has received two Peabody Awards and 27 Emmy nominations, winning four times, including for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013.

An agreement was made between the CBS network and Cuomo, stating that CBS will receive at least $11 million for tax credits over five years to make up for the appropriate costs based on the “proposed significant level of investment and job commitments.” The network will also receive $5 million worth of allocation to compensate for the renovations of the building.

Colbert’s transition to “Late Show” is yet to be announced.

That’s it for the scoop about  Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show,” which continues its broadcast at Ed Sullivan Theatre. For more updates about your favorite TV shows, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone


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