Stephen Curry’s Brother Seth Curry Refuses Golden State Warriors Offer; Curry Brothers Head-to-Head On 2015-2016 NBA Playoffs

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Stephen Curry’s Brother Seth Curry Refuses Golden State Warriors Offer; Curry Brothers Head-to-Head On 2015-2016 NBA Playoffs
Stephen Curry’s brother Seth Curry turns down Golden State Warriors .

While the defending champion Golden State Warriors tries to secure their NBA title in each team who tries to knock them off, the professional basketball player Seth Curry abstains from signing a contract deal with the reigning team. Is he really better off without joining forces with his brother Stephen Curry? Read on for more details.

After couple of years of being a star on the D-league, Seth Curry proves to have an NBA opportunity in finding he’s way home to Sacramento Kings, NBC Sports reported.

Three of Curry’s family members were professional basketball players, his retired father “Dell Curry” who played for the Charlotte Hornets and present most valuable player Stephen Curry, and also from the Champion team Golden State Warriors.

Seth took his College at Liberty and apparently transferred to Duke after garnering 20 points every game in his freshman year, playing three seasons for Blue Devil. He also signed a 10-day contract with the Suns after playing a second year in the NBA D-League, all his patience has been paid as his foot walks toward an open door.

The Seventieth Season of NBA League 2015-2016 starts on 28th of October and Seth chose to settle with Sacramento Kings contract deal.

“The Kings made the strongest offer last July 21 – the day after Summer League ended but not the only one. The Pelicans, Hornets and Warriors jump in as well. “I didn’t want to go to Golden State,” Seth says in a report by Sports Illustrated via Bleacher Report. “I didn’t want to go back in Steph’s shadow.”

Though this made Seth a hot potato issue for media, many express their thoughts of understanding why he arrived for this brave decision — to make his own mark as a professional basketball player. Too bad because the Curry brothers would’ve been a jackpot for the Golden State Warriors.

Back then, the two had been teammates for one season in Charlotte Christian high school and Seth admitted that it was good having someone like his brother, whose a little bigger and better than him, because it makes the game more exciting, Heavy reported.

These two have their best of both worlds but as what Stephen Curry said — even though they are taking different paths, they have similar experiences and that bond never ends.

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Photo source: Facebook/Golden State Warriors

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