‘Steve Jobs’ Film: Does It Show Truth Behind Cuppertino Magnate?

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Steve Jobs’ Film: Does It Show Truth Behind Cuppertino Magnate?

The “Steve Jobs” movie has been explored in an interview with film director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, pointing out that this movie is not typical biographical one.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Why has everyone been reprimanding this movie? The title itself inflicts the mindset of the moviegoers to think that this is about Steve Job’s life and of course, it is what the title implies. Why not a typical biopic? A borrowed quote from Engadget, “Art does not have to be accurate”. Many reactions popped up that Steve Jobs did not literally have a so-called “life changing” conversation with his loved one even before the announcement of his products, Engadget reported.

Also, the “Apple” does not have Joanna Hoffman yet when he launched the “iMac”. On the brighter side, which the viewers have not seen, Sorkin’s “Steve Jobs” film was no different from what the famous Shakespeare did in his historical plays. Like Julius Caesar, whose biography is based on the Plutarch Lives of Noble Greeks and Romans, he added some characters that do not exist and added a more dramatic aspect for the play. Boyle and Sorkin added more elements to portray the maturity in Steve Jobs before and the after his life and his journey in reaching success.

Well, this is not very far in Steve Job’s famous slogan–”Think differently”. Sorkin wholeheartedly kept this in mind when he decided to do this adaptation of “Walter Isaacson’s bestselling biography of Steve Jobs”.

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Chris Nashawaty from Entertainment Weekly gave a B Review for the movie and believed that the structure the director and the writer gave in this movie absolutely worked, Entertainment Weekly reported. Though, Laura has been one of the persons to disapprove the movie, saying it’s more of a “fiction” and all, actor Michael Fassbender stated that it is more of a dramatization than a biopic.

There is truly someone like his wife who knows Steve Jobs more than anyone else, but we all know that everyone who was behind this movie only intends to portray the legacy and achievements Jobs left us.

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