‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Diverts Away From Facts; Is It Still Compelling?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Steve Jobs’ Movie Diverts Away From Facts; Is It Still Compelling?
Steve Jobs

We all lost a great person with the death of Steve Jobs. The loss must have been most traumatic for the person most closely attached to Steve, that is to say, his wife. There is no surprise that the wife of late Apple co-founder did not want a movie to be made on him.

According to ustoday.com, in the movie “Steve Jobs,” Michael Fassbender plays the role of an unsympathetic, ruthless monster. It can be said to be a version of “A Christmas Carol” from writer Aaron Sorkin with Jobs being portrayed as Scrooge. His conscience makes him a visit just before he was to step up on a stage to launch a new product and it happened on three such occasions.

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The other characters that are found in the movie are Andy Hersfeld, an engineer, with whose help the first Macintosh computer was created, Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple, John Scully, the person who fired Steve from Apple and Lisa, the girl whom Steve initially refuted to be his daughter.

As a movie, “Steve Jobs” is fascinating, entertaining to watch and is tough. The Jobs shown in the movie treats his folks horribly often shouting at them and has little positive qualities. As a whole, Jobs was an inspiring person to work with but was also insanely tough.

According to polygon.com, movies like these serve as a history lesson for many viewers. For example, there is another movie called the “Social Network,” which gives us a behind the scene access to the phenomenal success of Facebook. It also sprang us many surprises, and discloses some hidden secrets of which general public are usually unaware of.

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The objective of the movie “Steve Jobs” is to paint portraits of the person behind Steve Jobs. Here is a mix of melodrama for all of you to watch.

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