Steve Martin issues a public apology for offensive Twitter joke, deletes tweet

By admin | 4 years ago

The comedian Steve Martin has publicly apoogized after publishing a racially offensive joke on Twitter Friday night.

Martin was bantering with Twitter followers and making a series of gags about grammar on the social networking website when one fan asked him, “Is this how you spell lasonia?”

The Father of the Bride star reportedly responded, “It depends. Are you in an African-American neighborhood or at an Italian restaurant?”

Here’s the screen shot of his response:

Steve Matin's racially offensive joke

His response prompted a number of fans to criticise him for the bad joke, and then disappointed reactions ricocheted around Twitter all evening.

Martin later expressed contrition and deleted the tweet. He issued an apology, writing: “I did apologise. But again, a second later I realised what an offensive thing I’d done. Deep bow… My tweet was highly inappropriate.”


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