Steven Knight Talks About His Latest Movie: “Pawn Sacrifice”

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Steven Knight Talks About His Latest Movie: “Pawn Sacrifice”
Pawn Sacrifice

Steven Knight’s “Pawn Sacrifice” is getting rave reviews from most critics and he was very candid about the way he came to do the script and the challenges he faced while doing it. Read on for more details.

“Pawn Sacrifice” tells the true story of Bobby Fischer. He is was a celebrated chess player from the cold war era. Fischer who was born to an American Communist mother, takes an early dislike for his mother and consequently communism, and turns it into a passion to learn chess until he becomes the chess genius who plays the Russian Boris Spassky in a much publicized World Chess Championship match that takes over the imagination of the public and becomes the match of the century. The movie accurately depicts the troubled life of Fischer who has the misfortune of being born to a communist mother in the 1950’s. It was when the government of United States was keeping a close watch on anybody who professed a liking for communism. He consequently becomes the sort of person that evokes sympathy and aversion from the audiences.

Knight very candidly told the Collider that he was prompted into making the movie by Tobey Maguire who plays Bobby Fischer in the film. He was delighted to know that the true story practically came pre-cooked with drama. He was challenged by the script, although the script had many dramatic moments of its own that were like little gifts from reality for the story teller. He confessed to the fact that he thought that Fischer comes across as the sort of person who may evoke sympathy from the audience. Although, they might realize that the character should probably be “medicated” and possibly has had the misfortune of having a mind that “has many issues.” Knight candidly told the press that his character is the sort of character who has so much drama written around him that his story is practically a gift to the man engaged in creating a dramatic telling of the story.

The story revolves around Fischer and the 1972 World Chess Championship where he takes on the USSR champion Boris Spassky, who is played by Live Schreiber.

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