Steven Spielberg Cuts Ties With The Mouse, Dreamworks Moving Out Of Disney In 2016

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Steven Spielberg Cuts Ties With The Mouse, Dreamworks Moving Out Of Disney In 2016

Steven Spielberg will be saying kudos to the 6-year partnership he has with Disney.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, invigorated with the rampaging success of “Jurassic World” in the box-office of which the 68-year-old Hollywood powerhouse was the executive producer, Dreamworks, Spielberg’s live-action company is now considering a fresh alliance after its contract with Disney ends in August 16, 2016. A source revealed that the director is keen to start a partnership wherein the provisions involved in the contract will be truly satisfactory for both sides.

It has been insinuated that Universal Studios is a prime touchdown next year for the company which Spielberg has aided in establishing in 1994, since the smashing achievement of “Jurassic World” certainly rekindled their bond. Spielberg feels that his stay with Disney no longer conforms to his environment.

However an insider was quoted in Deadline plainly disclosing.

“There have been no negotiations, no proposals between DreamWorks or Steven and Universal. It’s a year away,” the source explained.

The source hinted that Spielberg will talk it out with everyone but maybe for sentimental reasons most individuals would want him to go back to Universal because that’s where he earned his wings.

Disney still has two more live-action films which Spielberg directed. One is “Bridge of Spies” which has Tom Hanks playing an unassuming lawyer tasked to parley a shot-downed American pilot in Russia. Another is The Big Friendly Giant aka The BFG an adaptation of a classic from Roald Dahl. Both films will be released before the year ends.

His latest undertaking though is Ready Player One which he signed to direct last March 2015.  The said dystopian film under Warner Bros. is apparently closing in on Elle Fanning for the lead role  as reported by IGN.

Along with Spielberg, DreamWorks Studios was co-founded with American businessman Jeffrey Katzenberg and music mogul David Geffen.

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