Steven Spielberg Predicts’ The Way Of Western

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Steven Spielberg Predicts’ The Way Of Western

The legendary director Steven Spielberg made a critical remark stating the superhero record crusher movies will not stay forever as industry has over relied on the summer blockbusters. Read on to find out more about what the academy award filmmaker thinks more about this.

According to Digital Spy, Steven Spielberg said, he feels it is like that when the western died and a time will come when the superhero flicks will move out of the western way. As of now superhero flicks are flourishing and thriving. He believes that this genre has a finite time in a widespread culture and the genre will return back from where it has started.

Also he mentions that there will be a day when mythical stories will get succeeded by other genres and they might get boarded by budding filmmakers. It will for sure be a big a great discovery for the filmmakers’.  The genre deteriorated during 1960, as Western was the main streamline Hollywood industry.

The franchise giants like Marvel and DC Comics have got billions of investments from Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Sony and 20th Century Fox. The movies are set in the time stretch of 2020, so we definitely are going to see more of superheroes for upcoming years.

According to Hollywood Reporter, “Schindler’s List” director believes the moment when mammoth budget movies will fall at blockbuster it will bring the change of paradigm to the Hollywood film industry, while addressing at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Steven Spielberg has recently made a big shot with “Jurassic World” that has become the highest grossing movie of the year and is all set to come up with a sequel.

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