‘Steven Universe’ Season 3 Release Date: CN Show Delayed till September? Another Steven Bomb in the Works?

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Steven Universe’ Season 3 Release Date: CN Show Delayed till September? Another Steven Bomb in the Works?

“Steven Universe,” one of Cartoon Networks’ most anticipated show, has been on hiatus since the middle of June. Early reports claimed that the new episodes would start by early July but that month passed much to every fans’ disappointment. The hiatus then extended to early August but recent reports show that fans need to wait a little longer to see the lighthearted show back in TV.  The age and gender-friendly show from Cartoon Network was setback for another month and is expected to be seen by the public early September.

The “Steven Universe” franchise has yet to show a new season and their current plan of action to somewhat satisfy the fan’s yearning is to provide Steven Bombs. We have been through three Steven Bombs and two shorts already, and with the announcement of another delay, a fourth “Steven Bomb” is not too far from being realized.

However, as reported by IDigitalTimes, the latest “Steven Universe” teaser posted on Tumblr shows only one date, Aug. 6, 2015, compared to its previous way of posting, which showed multiple airing dates. This is a good indication that the crew of Steven Universe is working hard and going to be back for good; not just in the Steven Bomb format but an entirely new series.

If some of you out there are worried that this long standing hiatus means that “Steven Universe” will be imminently cancelled, don’t be. We’ve seen this pattern of hiatus in other well-loved cartoons, for example “The Simpsons,” especially during summer but we know that they’ll eventually be back sometime in the year.

The third season of “Steven Universe” is said to air in Cartoon Network on Aug. 6, 2015.

With roughly a month to go, why not re-watch the previous seasons of this 90’s anime-inspired favorite show while waiting for more news as to what will happen to “Steven Universe.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Steven Universe

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