Steven Universe Season 4: Alleged Leaked Photo Hints LGBT Relationships? Creator Dishes Out Inspiration for Some Episodes

By IvyV | 1 year ago
Steven Universe Season 4: Alleged Leaked Photo Hints LGBT Relationships? Creator Dishes Out Inspiration for Some Episodes

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar dished out her inspiration for creating some episodes from Season 4. A rumored photo for Season 4 emerged online.

On a rare occasion, Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar talked to source iDigital Times during the New York Comic Con. Sugar dished out the complex topics that the animation series covered.

While fans are familiar with the cartoon’s showing of “LGBT-metaphors,” Season 4 also included the topic on loss and moving on. Sugar disclosed that a song from Mindful Education was inspired from her own personal experience.

Here Comes a Thought, performed by Rebecca Sugar featuring Estelle and AJ Michalka, described the difficult times that Sugar was experiencing. While challenging times usually sound depressing, the song aims to make someone feel calm and be assured that “everything’s fine.” Listen to the song Here Comes a Thought below.

Meanwhile, Steven Universe Season 4 is currently in hiatus after airing Onion’s Gang. The unannounced mid-season break of course frustrates fans. But Sugar and her team brought good news in NYCC. The series will return in November.

To kick off the return of the series, Steven Universe Season 4 reportedly will air Gem Harvest. But Gem Harvest was pushed back several times. Many speculated that the leaks may have the scheduling wrong. Some say Cartoon Network intentionally changed air dates to fend off spoilers. There were also rumors on the episode as a fake one. However, everything changed when the panel confirmed that Gem Harvest will indeed air in November.

In other news, a fan posted an alleged leaked photo from 4Chan via Reddit. The photo shows Pearl beside a wedding cake.

steven universe

As expected, the cake hints LGBT relationships as some brides are facing brides while some grooms are also facing grooms. Fans analyzed the photo, questioning its authenticity. Several fans argued that the photo is definitely a fake. Others think it came from the episode Gem Harvest since the Turkey is synonymous to Thanksgiving. The episode will air on Thanksgiving. Few fans theorized that Pearl may be dating in a cafe.

What do you think of the alleged leaked photo? Stay tuned for more news and updates on Steven Universe Season 4.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Steven Universe

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