‘Steven Universe’ Updates: Extended For Seasons 4 And 5; Pearl’s Birth To Be Explored; Season 2 Concluded?

By IvyV | 2 years ago
‘Steven Universe’ Updates: Extended For Seasons 4 And 5; Pearl’s Birth To Be Explored; Season 2 Concluded?
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“Steven Universe” extends for more adventure as Cartoon Network renews the series for fourth and fifth seasons. Season 3 begins in June with episode 1 called “Summer Of Steven.” Pearl’s backstory will be explored.

Apparently, Season 2 of Cartoon Network’s favorite “Steven Universe” already concluded last January with 26 episodes, as tweeted by writer Matt Burnett. Contrary to earlier news, the series will be coming back to the small screen this June for its Season 3, instead of Season 2.

The third season of the series will debut with “Summer Of Steven,” which will last until August, Moviepilot reported. It is also reported that the upbeat animation series will stretch for weekly episodes rather than the usual multiple episodes per week.

Several spoilers released details as to what to expect in the return of the series, including the comeback of Malachite, who was last seen trap in the hate-fusion sea. Malachite is revealed to develop new powers aligned with a new personality. Yellow Diamond’s arrival on Earth is also anticipated when the series returns as the new villain hunts for Peridot, who seems to have taken Steven’s side.

“Steven Universe” Season 3 teases to draw attention to Lion’s identity, which fans are looking forward to. The mysterious appearance of Lion and how it takes care of Steven lead to the theory that Lion is either Rose Quartz or Bismuth.

A backstory of Pearl will also be possibly explored in “Steven Universe” Season 3. The hypothesis is based on spoilers from the third season delving into Homeworld and the debut of different gems, including Yellow Diamond. Pearl’s origin is still unknown to viewers, and three theories arise on her birth. First suggests that Pearl is a gem of her own, which is a pearl; second, she is part of Rose Quartz; and, third, she originated from White Diamond.

While viewers await for Season 3, Entertainment Weekly published that Cartoon Network renewed “Steven Universe” for two more seasons — Seasons 4 and 5.


Photo Source: Twitter/Matt Burnett

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