Stitchers Recap: I See You

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Stitchers Recap: I See You
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Stitchers” Season 1 Episode 4 “I See You” aired on Tuesday, June 24, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC Family. In this episode, the group conducts a stake out at Cameron Goodkin’s (Kyle Harris) apartment after the man who was living in his old apartment was shot to death. Meanwhile, Cameron worried over Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta) because of what happened to Marta Rodriguez (Tiffany Hines), and Kirsten learned what happened. Meanwhile, Linus Ahluwalia (Ritesh Rajan) tried to talk to Camille Engelson (Allison Scagliotti) about what had happened to them previously. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Cameron Goodkin (Kyle Harris) having a nightmare. He dreamt about Marta Rodriguez’s (Tiffany Hines) fateful stitch. It turned out that he couldn’t bounce her out anymore as she had stayed too long within their sample’s memory to come out safely. It was why she had landed into a four month coma.

As soon as he woke up, while he prepared some breakfast for himself, Cameron worriedly called up Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), who just had a physical at the laboratory, and assured him that she was fine. He then, upon Kirsten’s suggestion, decided to pay Robert “Robbie” Peterson (Caleb Neet). He is a man who lived in Cameron’s old apartment just below him, and who often got some of his magazines as he refused to change the mailboxes name to his. However, after getting his magazines, he discovered that Robbie had been killed.

According to Detective Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub), Robbie had been shot twice in the back. Kirsten and Fisher then came up with the theory, since Cameron’s name was still on Robbie’s mailbox, that Cameron could have also been the target. However, when Kirsten stitched into Robbie, she discovered that he spied on his neighbors with a telescope, which she touched. She discovered that he had been  emotionally drawn to a jogger on the street, a woman in a tank top, and a couple who constantly fought, in the apartment across the street.

Before the stitch, Linus Ahluwalia (Ritesh Rajan) tried to talk to Camille Engelson (Allison Scagliotti) as she hadn’t contacted him since they hooked up together. The confused Linus discovered that Camille talked about it as if it was in the past.

Later, while discussing what she saw with their boss, the program head, Maggie Baptiste (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), suggested that they use Cameron’s apartment for a stake out, which Fisher joined later on. He then told her that her foster father’s death had just been ruled as a suicide.

They then sent him in as they had just noticed the arguing couple. The man had a knife in his hand, that looked like it had been bloodied because he had killed his girlfriend. However, it turned out that the man, an artist named Ginsburg (Matthew Smith) had flicked red paint onto his canvass and that Robbie had actually bought on of his paintings.

While they were out, Maggie, who had been alone at the laboratory as some of the technicians had gone out to buy dinner, became scared as she heard someone come in. However, unseen by her, a dark figure left the laboratory as soon as the workers ended.

Later, at Cameron’s, Camille told Linus that she had enjoyed their hook up, but just wanted to be single as of the moment. Meanwhile, Cameron showed Kirsten the fateful stitch that had happened to Marta. It had happened because she had gotten emotionally involved with the sample, and was the reason why he was worried over Kirsten.

A little bit later, the girl in the tank top, who had noticed Robbie spying, waved and invited Cameron for a beer. When he didn’t, she went over to his place and revealed that she, Janice (Mia Serafino) modeled at an art school, and thanked him for sending over groceries to fill up her refrigerator, which meant that Robbie was a good Samaritan.

Kirsten then stitched into Robbie’s memory, and discovered, by using the telescope, that Robbie had noticed that a mannequin in the storefront at the ground floor was used to signal a van to come in, an apartment with curtains closed, and a man who had seen him.

After investigating the apartment, which had a private elevator connected to the store, Kirsten and Cameron discovered that the unit’s door had been plastered over. Inside, there were cots and passports of women-they were dealing with a trafficking ring.

They then rushed outside as the van was leaving, according to Camille, and Kirsten stood in its path, and dodged a second beforehand, so that he could crash into crates. They then freed the women, and Fisher arrested the driver (Erik Rondell).

Later, the group celebrated, but Kirsten decided to call Cameron before they made a toast. She then saw him changing, but he closed the door on her.

Outside, a dark figure spied on them, and left after a while.

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