‘Storage Wars’ Stars Laura and Dan Dotson Have Found A Hidden Treasure! [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Storage Wars’ Stars Laura and Dan Dotson Have Found A Hidden Treasure! [Watch Video]
Storage Wars

Sometimes treasure does really lie somewhere you don’t normally see and “Storage Wars” stars Dan and Laura Dotson just found some treasure… in their own backyard! Read below for the full details:

The Dotson’s have a 60—acre investment property in Salyersville, Kentucky since 2005. After all those years, it came a surprise to them when they found out that their land sits on so much value – oil and gas!

X-Terra Resources have acquired oil and gas from their land and now the “Storage Wars” couple has hit the jackpot and has received $12,000 from the company. The Dotson’s have allowed the company to retrieve oil and gas from their land and in turn, they will get a percentage of the profits.

The Dotson’s announced this wonderful news on their Facebook page and Laura was also seen holding a $12,000 check in the mail.

Screenshot from Laura and Dan Dotson's Facebook video

They are getting money from their auctioning in “Storage Wars” but this tops the bill. It’s just amazing that such land can be so valuable and they didn’t know about it until the company asked for their permission to drill on their land. With so much oil and gas underneath, checks will surely keep on coming!

12k_checkScreenshot from Laura and Dan Dotson's Facebook video

Watch the Facebook video that they made on their page: Laura Dan Dotson

Can we just say how blessed the Dotson’s are? And they have just made it official, from the reality TV show “Storage Wars,” they are now venturing into the oil & gas business. Kaching! Kaching! Kaching!

Laura and Dan are just so happy with this new source of income and who wouldn’t, anyway? Some of their fans have commented on the video, sharing support and joy for the couple while others believe that this is a great way to enjoy life through retirement.

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Photo source: Facebook/Dan and Laura Dotson

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