Storm Surfers 3D Movie Review

By admin | 5 years ago

Storm Surfers 3DStorm Surfers 3D is the latest documentary that utilizes 3D technology. Movie studios have used 3D rendering as a gimmick factor but people complain that it distracts them from the story. But there are several 3D documentaries that manage to enhance their storytelling with 3D effects.

Sports documentaries use the technology to bring audiences right in the middle of the action. The latest one is Storm Surfers 3D by Chris Nelius and Justin McMillian. It takes the 3D action sports mo0vies to the next level.

Storm Surfers 3D features the story of Australian big wave surfers Ross Clark-Jones and Tom Carroll. The two friends have been part of the surf competition tour in the 80s and 90s. Then in the last decade, they decide to shift to big wave riding. They travel around Australia with Ben Matson, a storm forecaster, to find the largest waves on Earth.

The guys have a funny rapport that makes you want to hang out with them. They talk about the old days or just goof around. But you watch Storm Surfers 3D for the action and it doesn’t disappoint. From the start to finish, the documentary features impressive surf photography. You can see how big the waves are and the 3D effects take you in the middle of it.

3D transforms the movie theater into an open ocean as waves come and go. There are times Nelius and McMillian are unsuccessful and this results to amazing wipe outs. It is astounding how much their bodies can endure for the love of their sport.

Storm Surfers is an entertaining documentary. It is a must watch for those who like surfing or just want to spend some time looking at large waves. The movie is about following your dreams and keeping your passion burning no matter what your age is.

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