Stormtrooper John Boyega Has The “Force” In Him: Lands Coveted Role Alongside Emma Watson And Tom Hanks In “The Circle”

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Stormtrooper John Boyega Has The “Force” In Him: Lands Coveted Role Alongside Emma Watson And Tom Hanks In “The Circle”

Stormtrooper John Boyega truly has the “Force” in him as he lands a coveted spot in the upcoming film “The Circle.” The 23-year-old actor will be cast alongside Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. Read on for more details.

In a report from Vanity Fair, Boyega will portray the character of Ty, who is Watson’s co-employee and love interest. Hanks comes as the enigma of the narrative as his role is still unconfirmed. James Pondsoldt (“The Spectacular Now”) will be the man behind the camera. The film has stirred quite an interest as it is an adaptation of Dave Egger’s acclaimed 2013 novel of the same name. A novel which takes place in a big tech company that has engulfed all around tech companies in the world. This reorganization of social media and the search engine in a not-so-distant future becomes the outline as a female employee’s stroke of good luck now goes eerily wrong.

Boyega is best known for his character of Moses in 2011’s science fiction comedy film “Attack the Block.” The actor became a “hoodie to hero” overnight with the Joe Cornish-directed romp. However, he had his star shine even more with being cast in J.J. Abrams space opera.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” maybe due to being released in Dec. 2015, but the seventh installment has stirred a lot of racial controversy for the British actor. In a report from the Independent, a bombardment of questions was raised regarding the stormtrooper’s color. The  flak from several vulgar netizens was brilliantly answered by Boyega with, ““To whom it may concern…Get used to it. :)”.

In an interview with Uproxx, Boyega confessed that he was too cautious about his casting in “The Force Awakens.” The actor even revealed that he didn’t tell his immediate family and that he told his father that he was just filming “24.” The jig was up though when official photos from the movie were released.

Playtone which is under Hanks will be producing “The Circle.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/John Boyega


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