‘The Strain’ Spoilers: A Faster Third Season Fuelled by Eph’s Revenge, New Characters, Says Chuck Hogan

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
‘The Strain’ Spoilers: A Faster Third Season Fuelled by Eph’s Revenge, New Characters, Says Chuck Hogan
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Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan are in charge of the vampire apocalypse in FX’s “The Strain,” which just wrapped up its second season with the death of fan favourite (at least our favourite) character Nora Martinez. What can we expect from the third season? Read on to find out.

Executive producer Chuck Hogan and show runner Carlton Cuse recently spoke to the press about the ending of season two, Eldritch Palmer’s possible repentance, and all things Strigoi. Here are the highlights of the event.

First off, for all of us hoping beyond hope that Dr. Martinez is somehow still alive. Martinez is really, truly dead and she is not coming back, Cuse has confirmed. This will put Ephraim Goodweather in the psychological state he needs to be for season 3, according to the showrunner.

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Dr. Goodweather pretty much lost everything he cared about in the season 2 finale, so what’s season three going to be like for the bald doctor? Well according to Hogan,

“Eph is really going to be looking to do anything he can A) for revenge and B) to find out what happened to his son He’s going to be on a tear in Season 3.”

Zack, in the meantime, is going to develop “a fairly complicated relationship” with the Master. Season 2 ended with him in the (loving?) embrace of his vampire mother, so do not expect things to go uphill for him from here.

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Eldritch Palmer learned too late that giving the Master bad attitude was a one-way ticket to getting his girlfriend sucked dry. Will season 3 have him rebel against the Master? Unlikely, according to Hogan, because he is relying on the master for the white. But Cuse has confirmed that:

“The whole Coco storyline was meant to pivot the character a bit and force him to recognize the consequences of his actions on a very personal level — and that will have consequences in Season 3, for sure,” (via TV Line)

The showrunners have promised a faster season 3, with a ‘lot more propulsion’ and new characters including the one was a given because they killed off all the female characters at the end of season 2. Season 3 has a shorter run with only ten episodes. Given that most of the characters are now on a boat, except Eph who is mindlessly wandering around NYC, we can expect a different feel from it too. One thing is for sure, the Master will be back soon.

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