Stuck in Love Movie Review

By admin | 4 years ago

Stuck in Love MovieStuck in Love is about Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear). He is a novelist who has been divorced from his wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) for three years. And yet, just like what the title says, Bill hasn’t moved on yet. He is waiting for signs of trouble in her marriage to a younger man. He even has a place for her at the dinner table during holidays.

All of these despite the fact that he is fooling around with his married neighbor Tricia (Kristen Bell). He also hasn’t written a single word since their breakup. He is not the only one handling the divorce badly. His children are also affected by it.

19 year old Sam (Lily Collins) is blaming her mother for ruining their family. She hasn’t spoken to hear in one year. She is determined not to fall in love and try to dissuade her admirer Louis (Logan Lerman). In most parts of the movie, she is unlikable. It is still a mystery why Louis is attracted to her.

Then there’s Rusty (Nat Wolff). He has a crush on bad girl Kate (Liana Liberato). His father tells him to go for it but t results to some devastating developments.

The movie takes place in one year. Viewers see how the Borgens change in the course of one Thanksgiving to another.

Stuck in Love centers on a family of writers. It tries to put importance on a favorite book as a measure of one’s personality and whether a couple is fit for each other. It is a look into the lives of writers. It has a sense of envy among writers. When Sam announced she has sold her book, no one in her family reacts amiably towards her. Each conversation in the movie is a philosophical trading of ideas. Overall, Stuck in Love is a satisfying way to spend several minutes of your life.

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