Stunt Director Spiro Razatos: ‘Furious 7’ Insane Stunts Almost Never Filmed

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Stunt Director Spiro Razatos: ‘Furious 7’ Insane Stunts Almost Never Filmed
The entire cast of Furious 7.

“Furious 7” full movie has caught a lot of fans anticipating until its release. However, it came as a surprise when one of the most incredible stunts in the film almost didn’t happen. Read on.

The latest installment from the “Fast and Furious”, “Furious 7” continues to trend. The reason behind its popularity could be the heart-pounding stunts and the mixture of high-speed car races.  Stunt director Spiro Razatos told Business Insider that an insane scene almost wasn’t filmed. This was when Brian (Paul Walker) hunts down Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) in the Colorado Mountains from a high-speed bus.

The 30-year veteran stuntman director said, “In Colorado, they didn’t want to shoot there because there wasn’t a tax break.” Most films shoot movies in states where tax breaks are provided in exchange of incentives. Some states allow fee-free shooting locations, cash grants, and lodging exemptions. Nevertheless, Razatos said that he had to talk to producers to pursue the mountain sequence shoot.

The mountain sequence shot in Colorado included scenes where Brian had to jump before the bus falls from a cliff. However, producers were concerned that it would go too long if they shoot an elaborate chase for “Furious 7”. That is when producers suggested filming the mountain sequence in Georgia where they would be provided a tax break. Later on, they said that woods would be added in the background during post-production.

However, Razatos convinced the producers to spend cash and shoot the scene in “Furious 7” in real setting. The scene where a stuntman jumped off a bus falling off a cliff was shot without any computer graphics, reported Business Insider.

Raztos said, “I told them, ‘Trust me, it’s going to pay off. The audience is going to know and aren’t going to feel good about it.’ The studio came through in the end and let me go out to a place nobody would let you go shoot without a tax break nowadays and trusted me”. He added, “That was my biggest moment. It turned out to be the pivotal point in the sequence.” It also gave “Furious 7” ending a happy one, despite the loss of Paul Walker, after it took home $140 million after a week of its release.

Watch the breath-taking air drop stunt from the “Furious 7 “cast below and tell us what you think on the comment box below.

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