‘Suicide Squad’: Batman Role Revealed

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’: Batman Role Revealed

It is no secret that “Suicide Squad” has been shooting on the streets of Toronto and that the makers thought it would be an ideal location for them to shoot one of the most promising movies of next year that is definitely going to give its competitor a run for their money. With that being said, the makers had recently dropped comic world’s nuclear bomb on all the fan boys who have been counting each day and waiting for the movie.

Heroic Hollywood has claimed that they have caught hold of the most important key element in the movie. What Batman will do in the movie? For all those who are familiar with the comic will know that Batman was not really a fan when Suicide Squad was formed, for it was the worst option anyone could think of for carrying something as delicate and confidential as a Black op for the US government. Everyone was in for a rude shock including the dark knight who instead of feeling surprised decided to use his own way to confront the one person who was responsible for creating the squad, Amanda Waller.

According to what is going to happen is that the Dark knight will personally penetrate the maximum level security office of Miss Waller to communicate his words of wisdom to her. He will be opposing the formation of the super villain team and will also be warning her that if he comes to know that the squad is responsible for killing someone innocent, he will hold her responsible for the same.

At one point of time in one of the stories, Miss Waller had responded to the Dark Knight’s concern saying that she does not appreciate him interfering in her decisions and she could very well expose his true identity if his interference didn’t stop. Given the fact that Batman’s nemesis like Deadshot, Killer Croc and more importantly the evil Prince of Crime, The Joker himself are involved in this, there’s no way Batman would stop interfering and that in a way explains why would he bother to come out of the shadows and chase the maniac out on the streets so furiously.

It is yet to be seen who exposes whom if at all that is going to happen ever, it would surely be amazing to see what the outcome would be.

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Photo source: Facebook/Suicide Squad: The Movie

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