‘Suicide Squad’: Jesse Eisenberg Spotted on Set with Scott Eastwood?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’: Jesse Eisenberg Spotted on Set with Scott Eastwood?

“Suicide Squad” already had its fair share of super villains but probably the makers were just not satisfied with the ones who were already a part of it and hence began speculations that one of the most powerful DC super villain might just be seen in the super villain ensemble. If reports are to be believed then Jesse Eisenberg aka Lex Luthor could very well be a part of the team.

According to Movie Pilot, Lex already has his own vendetta with the Man of Steel and will stop at nothing to completely destroy him. Ever since Jesse Eisenberg was declared to be cast as Lex Luthor, speculations about him starring in DC Cinematic Universe’s then announced super villain project started showing up. Later the super villain project was revealed to be “Suicide Squad,” yet Jesse’s participation in it was unclear. Things might turn good as director of the movie David Ayer just shared a picture of Scott Eastwood with someone who looks a lot like Jesse Eisenberg. The two can be seen training under dim light. If the bald shining head is indeed of Jesse Eisenberg then there are good chances that we could see him gracing “Suicide Squad”. Rumors however are insisting that Lex will have a substantial role to play in the movie.

Looking at the picture of Scott and Jesse, it gets us thinking about a possibility. What if Scott Eastwood is playing the role of Sergeant John Corben. For all those who are aware of a mini series called “Superman: Secret Origin”, Sgt. John Corben was under the command of General Sam Lane (father of Lois Lane) and he was the one who worked closely with Lexcorp for an initiative called Metallo. Metallo was being designed by Lex Luthor to take down Superman. Sgt. Corben also shared a dislike for Superman and hence chose to become the super villain Metallo but ended up destroying Metropolis, killing his fellow soldiers before being defeated by Superman.

If Jesse and Scott are indeed together in this picture, there are chances that Jesse’s Lex and Scott’s character will have scenes together. Scott is playing the role of an undisclosed soldier and if that soldier is Sgt. John Corben then after the pleasantries are exchanged, Lex could may be towards the end of the movie give him an offer to become Metallo. Other rumors are suggesting that Scott might be playing the role of Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson (also a soldier) but nothing can be confirmed until an official word about Scott’s role is released.

“Suicide Squad” will hit theatres on August 5th next year.

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Photo source:  Facebook/DC Cinematic Universe

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