Angry Suicide Squad Viewers Threatens to File A Lawsuit Against Studio

By Nicole Tingson | 2 years ago
Angry Suicide Squad Viewers Threatens to File A Lawsuit Against Studio
Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, an all-DC villain treat, has been getting backlash from viewers. According to those who have watched the film, it’s far different from the hype that it built. There are many giving the movie poor scores and ratings, while others were content with giving out poor reviews on their own social media accounts.

However, one viewer may have taken his dislike of the film to an extreme.

According to Cinema Blend, Redditor Black Panther 2016 created a lengthy post accusing the studio of false advertising. The user has claimed that his brother is a lawyer and that they will begin the legal procedures within two days after writing the post.

Based on their post, they will be filing a lawsuit for the great difference of the movie they saw and the Suicide Squad trailer. The said individual has cited scenes that they have seen the trailer but not in the film.

The Redditor said that they have traveled 300 miles from Scotland to London just to see the film, only to be greatly disappointed. They wanted to get compensation from the studio and even the theater where they saw the movie.

This won’t be the first time a moviegoer decided to file a lawsuit against Hollywood films. In the past, a similar experience has happened for the movie Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn.

So, will Suicide Squad studio face the courts? What happens next when it does? As of now, there are still no confirmation if there was indeed a lawsuit filed. In case it does, it may not be in favor of the individual filing the case. As it turned out, Warner Bros has publicly said that they would be adjusting the film to please the audience more. The accusation of false advertising may be weakened due to the fact the public knew of these cuts.

Apart from the Redditor, another person may not be as pleased with the cuts.

Jared Leto was reported getting angry because a lot of his scenes were cut. This may be one of the reasons why viewers have found his performance underwhelming, seeing as he has appeared in the film for just a few minutes.


Photo source: Facebook/Suicide Squad

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