‘Suicide Squad’: Margot Robbie Impressed by Jared Leto’s Portrayal of the Joker

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’: Margot Robbie Impressed by Jared Leto’s Portrayal of the Joker

With the production on the super villain ensemble “Suicide Squad” officially wrapping up naturally made everyone happy since they are pretty confident that they have put forward an honest and powerful material by staying true to the original one. In the end, everyone was happy with his or her work, however, there’s one such person who really impressed Margot Robbie with his portrayal. Read on for more details.

According to Movie Pilot, Robbie let in on a very little information mainly focusing on her co-star in the movie Jared Leto who plays the Joker. She believes that whatever Leto has done with his character is really cool however she stressed on the intensity with which he was portraying the character.

It is no secret that Leto’s portrayal of the Joker has attracted varied responses from fans all over as they mentioned about how they can’t wait to see his portrayal in the movie. Robbie  stated that it was confronting when she met him for the first time but as days passed she started to get used to it. She even mentioned that she might get confused if she ever saw him without his makeup on. So much was the effect of Leto’s look on the “Suicide Squad” actress that she actually felt terrified of him once she saw him without his makeup.

Comicbook.com reported that Robbie felt comfortable once the actor/singer put his makeup back on. As far as her own portrayal of the maniac and ex-psychiatrist is concerned, Robbie mentioned that she is the kind of character who will either kill you or just laugh and give you a hug. No wonder she has proven to be the perfect fit as the Joker’s sidekick in the DC universe.

“Suicide Squad” will see a team of super-villains being assembled to undertake covert ops for the American Government in exchange of amnesty. Rumors suggest that one of the missions of the team will be to take down the Joker. The movie releases on Aug. 5, 2016.

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