‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Update: Batman’s Connection Revealed; Ben Affleck Confirmed For Cameo?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Update: Batman’s Connection Revealed; Ben Affleck Confirmed For Cameo?

When “Suicide Squad” official trailer was launched, it took the internet by storm with what hints it was dropping about the movie. It is essentially a super-villain ensemble and mostly has bad guys who will be doing some good either willingly or reluctantly. However there are also good guys in the movie who are making their presence felt. Good people like Rick Flagg and most importantly the Batman himself. Speculations about what he will be doing in the movie have been running wild ever since the news broke that he is indeed in the movie. However latest updates reveal what he really will be doing in the movie.

According to Clevver movies, director of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Zack Snyder revealed that Batman will have scenes in the movie but whether Ben Affleck will be seen in the movie or not still remains unanswered. The director also revealed in an interview with Empire magazine that Batman in the movie would be responsible for single handedly putting all the super-villains in Belle Reve Penitentiary. Since the Suicide Squad contains many Batman villains, at least this part gets substantiated. He also elaborated on the fact that he is glad that the Dark Knight has been pit against the Man of Steel in next year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and was kind enough to explain how Batman fits into the larger DC Cinematic Universe. According to him, Batman will be nearly 45-46 years of age and will boast a crime-fighting career of about 20 years when he will confront Superman who is more like a paradigm shift for him. Batman who has been fighting for justice all this time will be facing something that will be beyond him. Ultimately who fans choose to side with in the fight between both the DC titans will be dependent on their beliefs. Ben Affleck too in an interview had once mentioned that the state of mind in which Batman/Bruce Wayne is operating at currently is what drew him towards the character.

Before concluding, Zack Snyder confirmed a major speculation that ultimately all of the movies, be it “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Suicide Squad,” “Aquaman,” “Wonder Woman” or “Flash” will eventually lead to “Justice League”. The entire DC Cinematic Universe was conceived around the idea of getting to the “Justice League” and that is what the directors of each of the movie can’t stray away from. With DC Cinematic Universe’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” releasing next year, it will give a clue about the massive line up of movies that DCCU is going to put forward. The movie will hit theaters on March 23rd.

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