‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Update: Harley Quinn’s Backstory Revealed?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Update: Harley Quinn’s Backstory Revealed?

Ever since the “Suicide Squad” trailer leaked, WB has not taken the incident quite well since the movie happens to be a very important project for DC Cinematic Universe. However one person should be very happy with the response the trailer has got. This character is also being considered one of the most pivotal characters in the movie. That character is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn aka Prince of Crime Joker’s on and off girlfriend.

According to Cinema Blend, Harley Quinn is the star of the movie. Even at the Comic Con, the major attraction in the trailer was Quinn where fans saw her hanging upside down in her cell or referring to Amanda Waller’s character as the Devil or beating the hell out of the guards who enter her cell. Everyone who has been a fan of the character is also quite aware of her backstory.

Harley Quinn actually happened to be Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a promising Psychiatrist who was assigned to treat patients in Arkham Asylum. It is said that she was particularly fascinated with the Joker who used this fact as an advantage for himself and ultimately made her be his right hand girl. It is still not known if director David Ayer is going to use this backstory for the character or not. But one thing’s for sure that Margot Robbie will not be just seen in her crazy Harley Quinn avatar but she will also be seen maybe in a flashback in her original form. Photos from the sets that were revealed some time back are a proof of the same. Margot was seen sporting spectacles and a blue colored shirt with her hair untied and pointing a gun towards Jared Leto’s Joker.

Cinema Blend also reviewed some parts of the trailer and it shows Leto’s Joker raiding some facility with his henchmen who can also be seen pinning a woman down on the table at the very beginning of the trailer. The pinned down woman can be seen wearing spectacles, doctor’s coat and has blonde hair. The same woman again appears in the middle of the trailer where she is tied to a slab and Joker’s arms are hovering over her. The scene hints at some serious damage that he must be planning to do. In the trailer too, he is shown saying that he won’t kill but he will hurt really bad to someone. This could be the same woman. With the blonde hair, doctor’s coat and spectacles, the description closely matches to what Margot is going to have as Harley Quinn. Whether or not this is the backstory that director David Ayer has chosen for Harley will only be confirmed once a confirmation comes in or if the fans see it directly in the movie itself.

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Photo source: Facebook/DC Cinematic Universe

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